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Blue Max - league 11177 final status.
This league is finished, and the winner is... higheagle

This league is for 8 players: Blue Max league with 5 players in each game, Scenario: Three vs Two, Fokkers and Snipe - 5 players. 10x10 Board, Advanced rules no pilot killed chits, move timeout in 7 days.
Created: 1year 107days ago by higheagle.

In this league 40 games out of 40 are finished,
every player is subscribed to 25 among them
with a limit of 7 days before it is played automatically.
final league #11177 score
RankcountryNameScoreGame PointsPlayed

The Game points column contains the sum of points scored in all finished game by each player. It is used to break ties when two or more players have the same score.
List of games for this league
IDMoveActionPlayers ListLast move elapsed time
Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
780595 27Game ended CaptainBlood, Jasmyne, higheagle, Mad_Bomber, pokerguy1year 60days
780596 15Game ended pokerguy, CaptainBlood, Mad_Bomber, brewk001, higheagle1year 67days
780597 7Game ended Jasmyne, [Rammstein], CaptainBlood, Mad_Bomber, brewk0011year 78days
780598 31Game ended higheagle, pokerguy, brewk001, CaptainBlood, wetty111year 59days
780599 27Game ended Jasmyne, pokerguy, wetty11, higheagle, CaptainBlood1year 78days
780600 21Game ended higheagle, Mad_Bomber, Jasmyne, pokerguy, [Rammstein]1year 45days
780601 29Game ended [Rammstein], higheagle, pokerguy, CaptainBlood, Jasmyne1year 52days
780602 24Game ended Mad_Bomber, wetty11, higheagle, pokerguy, CaptainBlood1year 10days
780603 13Game ended Jasmyne, [Rammstein], CaptainBlood, higheagle, brewk0011year 79days
780604 17Game ended Mad_Bomber, [Rammstein], brewk001, Jasmyne, higheagle1year 54days
780605 28Game ended Jasmyne, pokerguy, Mad_Bomber, [Rammstein], wetty111year 58days
780606 23Game ended wetty11, Jasmyne, [Rammstein], higheagle, Mad_Bomber1year 50days
780607 17Game ended pokerguy, brewk001, Jasmyne, [Rammstein], higheagle1year 70days
780608 17Game ended Mad_Bomber, wetty11, higheagle, Jasmyne, CaptainBlood1year 60days
780609 28Game ended pokerguy, wetty11, CaptainBlood, Mad_Bomber, Jasmyne1year 44days
780610 26Game ended Mad_Bomber, [Rammstein], pokerguy, wetty11, brewk0011year 51days
780611 30Game ended brewk001, Mad_Bomber, wetty11, Jasmyne, pokerguy1year 55days
780612 8Game ended [Rammstein], CaptainBlood, Mad_Bomber, wetty11, Jasmyne1year 70days
780613 21Game ended pokerguy, brewk001, Jasmyne, Mad_Bomber, higheagle1year 48days
780614 21Game ended [Rammstein], brewk001, higheagle, pokerguy, Mad_Bomber1year 55days
780615 20Game ended pokerguy, wetty11, [Rammstein], brewk001, CaptainBlood1year 74days
780616 19Game ended CaptainBlood, pokerguy, brewk001, Mad_Bomber, [Rammstein]1year 53days
780617 23Game ended wetty11, higheagle, pokerguy, brewk001, Mad_Bomber1year 50days
780618 23Game ended [Rammstein], CaptainBlood, Mad_Bomber, pokerguy, Jasmyne1year 63days
780619 20Game ended wetty11, CaptainBlood, Jasmyne, [Rammstein], pokerguy1year 70days
780620 26Game ended [Rammstein], brewk001, wetty11, CaptainBlood, higheagle1year 64days
780621 34Game ended higheagle, [Rammstein], CaptainBlood, pokerguy, wetty111year 47days
780622 30Game ended brewk001, Jasmyne, [Rammstein], CaptainBlood, pokerguy1year 58days
780623 20Game ended wetty11, higheagle, pokerguy, [Rammstein], Mad_Bomber1year 47days
780624 16Game ended brewk001, higheagle, Mad_Bomber, wetty11, [Rammstein]1year 55days
780625 8Game ended wetty11, CaptainBlood, brewk001, higheagle, Jasmyne1year 89days
780626 18Game ended Jasmyne, wetty11, higheagle, [Rammstein], brewk0011year 79days
780627 23Game ended CaptainBlood, Mad_Bomber, wetty11, higheagle, [Rammstein]1year 44days
780628 24Game ended brewk001, Jasmyne, [Rammstein], wetty11, pokerguy1year 73days
780629 12Game ended CaptainBlood, Jasmyne, pokerguy, brewk001, wetty111year 86days
780630 19Game ended brewk001, higheagle, CaptainBlood, Jasmyne, Mad_Bomber1year 54days
780631 14Game ended Mad_Bomber, brewk001, Jasmyne, wetty11, CaptainBlood1year 70days
780632 29Game ended higheagle, pokerguy, brewk001, Jasmyne, wetty111year 72days
780633 22Game ended CaptainBlood, Mad_Bomber, wetty11, brewk001, [Rammstein]1year 53days
780634 25Game ended higheagle, Mad_Bomber, [Rammstein], CaptainBlood, brewk0011year 23days
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11/1/2017 4:52:37 PM - pokerguy wrote:

11/13/2017 11:54:31 PM - brewk001 wrote:
Well played eagle

12/9/2017 9:26:54 AM - higheagle wrote:

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