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City:Nashville, TN US
Personal Data:Male, born: September 15 1960
HomePage or other cool site:http://Also playing as Mongoose
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Topic:Site-maintenance and Administration
Subject: Soon
Posted by: pokerguy - 24days 10h ago.
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Electro wrote:
We are getting close.

Thanks to a number of our testers, we've been able to validate much of the site. There was one database bug that kicked my butt for a while, but I finally fixed it. (So simple once you figure it out!)

Dusty has been very helpful with everything I've asked for. Nick's been feeding me information as needed too.

I have one more major thing to do regarding the Gonzaga engine, and a couple of small things like email, automoves, and some site settings. Those last things really can't happen until just before go-live otherwise you'll start getting spammed with 'make your D@$n move!' messages.

A few more weeks and we'll be done. If we do this right, you should only notice an outage for a short time and everything should be as it was.

Once it's up and stable for a few weeks, I'll start working on some of the bugs and small site improvements.

That's great news. So at this point we should wait on existing automovers until you get the new site up and running??

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