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Topic:Site-maintenance and Administration
Subject: Soon
Posted by: Electro - 90days 1h ago.
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We are getting close.

Thanks to a number of our testers, we've been able to validate much of the site. There was one database bug that kicked my butt for a while, but I finally fixed it. (So simple once you figure it out!)

Dusty has been very helpful with everything I've asked for. Nick's been feeding me information as needed too.

I have one more major thing to do regarding the Gonzaga engine, and a couple of small things like email, automoves, and some site settings. Those last things really can't happen until just before go-live otherwise you'll start getting spammed with 'make your D@$n move!' messages.

A few more weeks and we'll be done. If we do this right, you should only notice an outage for a short time and everything should be as it was.

Once it's up and stable for a few weeks, I'll start working on some of the bugs and small site improvements.

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