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Personal Data:Male, born: June 17 1960
HomePage or other cool site:http://www.boardgamegeek.com
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Subject:Re: Need Testers!
Posted by: derekticus - 129days 23h ago.
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derekticus wrote:
Electro wrote:
Hey All!

I'm happy to say that I've got the site up and running on a modern server with a modern database. I've only made the most minimal modifications in order to do this, no code changes, bug fixes, or anything like that. That all comes later.

There are a few more finishing touches, like emails, and the Gonzaga engine, but the hard part is over. Most of the work was configuring IIS 10 correctly, fixing some corrupt indexes, and then deep diving into the code to locate all the DB connection points.

I've asked Dusty to send me a recent backup. Once I get that, I'd like a few of you to get on and run some testing.

If you are interested, and can devote some time, please send me an email at Electro@electrozman.com

Please, serious testers only. We need to create some 2, 3, 4 player games and make sure everything works as it should. But to do that, we need to get moves in quickly and not worry too much about wins and losses. In fact, we will be trying to let one side win as fast as possible.

Not sure about doing a league. I think we can test that one on the fly.

Anything done during testing phase on the new server won't be saved.

Continue to play your current games here. We'll have a transition day or two when we move everything over. Nothing should be lost.

Once I get a quorum of testers, I'll send out a group email letting you know how to get to the new site.

Thanks for your patience!

I would love to help out. I mostly play WS&IM and Cartegena. Let me know!
  • Derek

  • And, e-mail sent - Thx!

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