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Personal Data:Male, born: March 09 1968
HomePage or other cool site:http://console.worldoftanks.com/
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Topic:Site-maintenance and Administration
Subject: Site hosting
Posted by: dcr66 - 36days 7h ago.
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Electro wrote:

I spoke with Dusty today. They are looking for someone new to host the site and I've volunteered.

Nothing should change from the users point of view, yet.

I don't make any promises, but once this up and running on my server, and I get a sense for all the intricacies of its operation, then I hope to make some improvements. Unfortunately, the code is old. It's ASP and a lot of the documentation is in Italian. But I've an idea...

I'll post more as things progress.


I posted this good news to the Facebook YPI group also.

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