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Area/Game:Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Subject:Re: Duh, uh
Posted by: Swanto - 1year 109days ago.
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Longneck wrote:
Swanto wrote:
How long will these automoves last?

I'm not real sure. I think if it's a two player game, he stays automoved until he logs in and moves, meaning you can finish the game in one sitting if you want. I always move once and give the person some time to check back in, but not everyone does.

If it's a multiplayer game, I believe it'll automove after every else puts in orders or the regular time limit has run its course.

If I'm wrong, someone please clarify.

I hope Flashrock's ok, he's usually pretty dependable.

Yea, I can make many moves one after another-

Lotsa time wasted!

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