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City:Peterborough EN
Personal Data:Male, born: August 17 1964
HomePage or other cool site:http://www.takenimages.com
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Area/Game:Blue Max
Subject: Wow - Steep Learning Curve
Posted by: GraysGhost - 146days ago.
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imdog wrote:
GraysGhost wrote:
Since I returned I've joined a league with the PK & FTE chits and all but two games have ended with those chits turning up.

So have learnt not to play with those in the game - it has to be a bug, the chances are too slim to be random.

15 games, 13 FTE & PK chits, sometimes as the only chit drawn.

Is this now standard in all Blue Max games?



Oh, didn't I told you that I told Nick to put a code

if user.lastlogin > 12 month
then PK/FTE.chance *10

welcome back, did you try your luck in

or you could buy lottery to verify .

see you in the sky soon.


Oh yeah I play that and after two runs predict the winner with a 97% success rate. It isn't random, it's a visible algorithm!

See you in the sky soon.


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