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Area/Game:Blue Max
Subject: Wow - Steep Learning Curve
Posted by: dcr66 - 263days 11h ago.
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markrendl wrote:
GraysGhost wrote:
Since I returned I've joined a league with the PK & FTE chits and all but two games have ended with those chits turning up.

So have learnt not to play with those in the game - it has to be a bug, the chances are too slim to be random.

15 games, 13 FTE & PK chits, sometimes as the only chit drawn.

Is this now standard in all Blue Max games?



I usually don't join games/leagues with those chits turned on, cause I've seen far too many of them turn up in such games. I figure about half to two thirds of my own deaths have come from such chits in such games.

Mind you this is just quoting from my hazy memory and not based on any empirical tabulation


That pokeryguy user only get those chits. It is a known bug for the last 10+ yrs.

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