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Personal Data:Male, born: March 09 1968
HomePage or other cool site:http://console.worldoftanks.com/
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Subject: Problem with a player
Posted by: dcr66 - 126days 12h ago.
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Electro wrote:
I'm sorry to bring this to your attention, but I feel that the community needs to weigh in on this matter. I've a real problem with an abusive player. But perhaps it is I who is in the wrong. I've tried to address the situation with humor, but it doesn't appear to be working.

Please read the comments on game 777431

I make it a point never to just resign from games unless they are obviously not going to be won, and I don't back down from bullies, but I see little choice for me to continue to enjoy this great game.

I'm asking for the communities advice, and if warranted, expulsion, of a particular player. If you think that player is me, so be it.

I would have ignored the troll, ignore his BS comments, and try to get your ships out of his way.

This troll is no different than those I encounter in World of Tanks Console and World of Warships. The in-games trolls I can mute. Those who sent me Xbox messages will be ignored and blocked. And trolls who attack my posts in WG forum (especially in WoT Console) will be ignored as well because my profile shows me as a Supertester hence I better stay off.

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