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Subject: I cannot complete my turn....
Posted by: bltzlfsk - 1year 192days ago.
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wetty11 wrote:
imdog wrote:
wetty11 wrote:
Hello all. I am stuck in a Cartagena game where I cannot complete my move.

I am out of cards and my last pawn is behind my opponents. The game is not giving me the selection where I can skip my move. I cannot move back apparently. So I have no way to pass my move.

I'd like to be able to get out of the way and let my opponents finish the game but I am unable. I would think this situation is not all that rare. It must come up every once in a while.

Is there some way of passing that I am unaware of?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Wetty,

I will suggest you to write a letter to webmaster@youplay.it , with the game id. Dusty will read it.



Thank you but I figured it out. I had to move one of my pawns out of the boat at the finish. It never occurred to me that you could do that because I've never had to and who would want to!?

So now one of the other players can finish their win and get their league points.


I hate to see everyone else figuring out that you can back up from the sloop. Of course I gave it away every time I did it, it's a valid possible game winner.

But it's still a potential problem when you have no cards, and no space with less than three pirates behind you, and you can't go back to the beginning, and you can't skip the first move.

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