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790831 donjuan, levenezu12h 43'
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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
790880 Wittman, Dominion2days 18h
788980 Shiraz68, levenezu11days 18h
788895 scotireb, levenezu34days 14h
785484  KapteinKnutsen, CaptainFolith, [99thmike], Spinal-Tap, Vezna, Panzerpod58days 10h
785481  IvanGrozny, Balordo, Vezna, Panzerpod, Spinal-Tap, KapteinKnutsen61days 11h
788743 Swanto, FurryGut63days 8h
785489  KapteinKnutsen, Vezna, Panzerpod, [99thmike], Spinal-Tap, [Balordo]63days 10h
785480  Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, CaptainFolith, Panzerpod, IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap69days 9h
785498  Vezna, CaptainFolith, 99thmike, IvanGrozny, Balordo, KapteinKnutsen75days 17h
785493  Vezna, Panzerpod, IvanGrozny, Balordo, CaptainFolith, 99thmike76days 19h
787161 FrenchricusRex, SirLindsley91days 1h
785499  Balordo, Vezna, Panzerpod, IvanGrozny, KapteinKnutsen, CaptainFolith92days 10h
786079 Dominion, Swanto, dcr66, Seahawker, [VETERAN], CaptainFolith98days 1h
785494  Vezna, CaptainFolith, Panzerpod, IvanGrozny, 99thmike, KapteinKnutsen98days 9h
785497  99thmike, IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, KapteinKnutsen, Balordo, Panzerpod101days 14h
785503  CaptainFolith, Panzerpod, 99thmike, Spinal-Tap, IvanGrozny, Vezna105days 4h
785485  KapteinKnutsen, Vezna, CaptainFolith, 99thmike, Panzerpod, Balordo105days 15h
785488  Panzerpod, 99thmike, IvanGrozny, Balordo, Spinal-Tap, CaptainFolith108days 7h
785482  IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, Balordo, Vezna, KapteinKnutsen, 99thmike109days 13h
785487  Panzerpod, IvanGrozny, Balordo, Vezna, 99thmike, Spinal-Tap111days 7h
785495  Spinal-Tap, Balordo, Vezna, CaptainFolith, 99thmike, IvanGrozny111days 23h
785501  99thmike, IvanGrozny, Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, CaptainFolith, Panzerpod114days 8h
785483  CaptainFolith, Panzerpod, IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, KapteinKnutsen, Vezna114days 9h
785486  IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, KapteinKnutsen, Vezna, Panzerpod, 99thmike114days 9h
785502  CaptainFolith, 99thmike, Spinal-Tap, KapteinKnutsen, Panzerpod, IvanGrozny116days 11h
785490  Spinal-Tap, KapteinKnutsen, CaptainFolith, 99thmike, Balordo, Vezna117days 19h
785492  Panzerpod, 99thmike, Spinal-Tap, Balordo, Vezna, CaptainFolith118days 6h
785496  99thmike, Spinal-Tap, KapteinKnutsen, CaptainFolith, IvanGrozny, Balordo118days 15h
785500  Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, Vezna, Panzerpod, CaptainFolith, Spinal-Tap122days 14h
785491  Spinal-Tap, Balordo, KapteinKnutsen, CaptainFolith, Vezna, IvanGrozny125days 15h
786284 Albatrotro, Galland128days 19h
785797 Galland, Dominion140days 20h
785055 [CaptainFolith], Shiraz68, Balordo, 99thmike, life1969, Dominion142days 15h
782980 kanitxus, donjuan, Lidtsentude, MajorTom, jadthegrey, SBGrad146days 5h
784446 Ralan, Dominion163days 5h
783788 Balordo, guilduinus, CaptainBlood, Shiraz68, Lidtsentude, Recon174days 6h
784378 MajorTom, Galland175days 11h
782734 SBGrad, Gilbert193days 4h
780134 MajorTom, guilduinus248days 20h
780709 Galland, Nasone254days 20h
780643 Galland, Swanto255days 12h
780846 frkydk, Galland256days 4h
780582 GloriosoXVIII, Galland277days 11h
780551 Recon, Galland278days 8h
779509 Chouxpomme, donjuan, Balordo, rocknroller99, atomzero, guilduinus280days 8h
779329 BlackJoke, guilduinus316days 4h
778546 Swanto, [Galland]330days 2h
778759 Bluestone28, guilduinus333days 18h
777981 frkydk, guilduinus349days 4h
776250 Ralan, wazzledazzle1year 28days
774592 IvanGrozny, napo63, Erniesgone, M1kel, barea1813, Xaramis1year 54days
775357 rocknroller99, life19691year 56days
773549 Frusinak, M1kel, SBGrad, Zeewulf, bkbb214, [arbyz297]1year 77days
769706 Cattivonci, Dominion1year 159days
770407 KapteinKnutsen, fantassin1year 173days
768301 KapteinKnutsen, Galland1year 222days
766157 SBGrad, neelorath, Dominion, bkbb214, wetty11, rocknroller991year 286days
766182 BigJoeDuke, life19691year 288days
766158 dragmio, mkiever1year 300days
766072 Balordo, rel00941year 302days
765844 life1969, rel00941year 303days
766041 bkbb214, rel00941year 305days
765967 dragmio, bkbb2141year 305days
765507 rocknroller99, 14bis1year 306days
765685 dragmio, Dominion1year 309days
765549 KapteinKnutsen, Recon1year 309days
765930 Balordo, Shredder1year 309days
765680 Dadam, Balordo1year 314days
764952 Dominion, argeleb1year 321days
764976 Balordo, 14bis1year 333days
764218 [rocknroller99], Dominion1year 347days
764470 KapteinKnutsen, Swanto1year 349days
763901 rocknroller99, Recon1year 353days
764309 KapteinKnutsen, Swanto1year 357days
764226 rocknroller99, jeeepguy1year 359days
763928 Recon, rocknroller991year 361days
764219 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller991year 362days
763902 Dominion, rocknroller991year 364days
762349 rocknroller99, Galland1year 364days
763391 KapteinKnutsen, rocknroller991year 364days
763927 rocknroller99, Recon2years 1day
763277 Swanto, rocknroller992years 13days
762804 dkalenda, rocknroller992years 18days
762987 life1969, rocknroller992years 21days
761980 rocknroller99, TaomanTom2years 40days
762217 rocknroller99, scotireb2years 41days
761962 rocknroller99, Countykgamer2years 49days
761291 Waffen, donjuan, _tak_tak_tak_, rocknroller99, Panzerpod, Recon2years 50days
761288 rocknroller99, Longneck2years 53days
761441 rocknroller99, life19692years 56days
761356 rocknroller99, Galland2years 66days
761136 SBGrad, argeleb2years 75days
760887 CaptLoftiss, Galland2years 76days
760734 Galland, rocknroller992years 76days
758890 Waffen, Hollander, Balordo, Garryowen, Shiraz68, TaomanTom2years 83days
760774 Balordo, Galland2years 86days
760583 Balordo, argeleb2years 89days
760626 Galland, CaptLoftiss2years 90days
758599 MajorTom, life19692years 96days
757634 kanitxus, Electro, MajorTom, Recon, mkiever, [pterido]2years 106days
759222 Waffen, archdukecharles2years 117days
759698 Balordo, life19692years 118days
759659 Balordo, life19692years 121days
759238 Balordo, Dominion2years 124days
758820 Balordo, life19692years 131days
758891 Balordo, Dominion2years 133days
755960 derekticus, Dominion2years 147days
757903 cannonfodder, Balordo2years 158days
756045 HagenvTronje, Bluestone28, Balordo, marcus-arilus, TaomanTom, donjuan2years 165days
757325 Galland, life19692years 166days
756930 Galland, Balordo2years 184days
756287 marcus-arilus, life19692years 189days
756071 woebie, life19692years 192days
754534 kanitxus, HagenvTronje, Dominion, donjuan, TaomanTom, Balordo2years 200days
756046 HagenvTronje, Balordo2years 204days
755546 BigRich, KapteinKnutsen2years 211days
754105 Vezna, cannonfodder2years 215days
755099 Pooka, MajorTom2years 217days
754102 Dominion, Pooka2years 239days
753938 Balordo, Dominion2years 244days
752216 Balordo, Pooka, HagenvTronje, archdukecharles, Dominion, JakobSperling2years 250days
749087 donjuan, mkiever, Balordo, Flounder, Erniesgone, Azzarc2years 254days
753026 Dominion, Pooka2years 256days
751980 [Mimolette], dkalenda2years 269days
752247 Regis, dkalenda2years 275days
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