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800048 malovig, WILDWIND10days 19h
800045 malovig, guilduinus32days 23h
799329 Balordo, WILDWIND58days
798418 donjuan, WILDWIND84days 1h
798133 WILDWIND, acme246891days
797781 Swanto, WILDWIND113days 20h
797133 WILDWIND, life1969140days 17h
796099 Swanto, WILDWIND159days 20h
795667 Galland, WILDWIND172days 3h
795666 SBGrad, WILDWIND180days 1h
792132 Balordo, Gardensnake288days 18h
787060 CaptainFolith, DocGoss1year 39days
783782 Balordo, guilduinus1year 137days
783511 ttoddd, Balordo1year 144days
778629 jshushasn, derekticus, [Barolf], Wittman1year 222days
779364 Balordo, [Ralan]1year 225days
776708 rvguegn, M1kel, Ralan, wazzledazzle1year 289days
776362 mvrichthofen, KapteinKnutsen, GloriosoXVIII, dbd314631year 318days
769270 bkbb214, pavepilot, [gbslate], Panzerpod, calducho76, [cmbpainter], neelorath, otto_06, Gardensnake, Bluestone28, jadthegrey, _tak_tak_tak_, mkiever, mvrichthofen2years 13days
772964 Galland, SlotraceDK2years 47days
771811 taurusdeth, [SBGrad]2years 65days
769831 Cattivonci, Balordo, [cmbpainter], [TitaniumShadow]2years 70days
766047 14bis, Azzarc2years 233days
765594 Azzarc, 14bis2years 240days
765762 Balordo, KapteinKnutsen2years 249days
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