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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
802725 rshivy, andrewpov, litehoof, vonhilter30' 7"
802724 Mordermi, andrewpov, litehoof, rshivy54' 31"
802723 redbeard1775, litehoof54' 39"
802719 clarence, andrewpov, Cobra78, Korba1h 11'
802718 clarence, Cobra78, andrewpov, faenyx141h 13'
802717 faenyx14, Cobra78, clarence, andrewpov1h 13'
802716 andrewpov, Cobra78, clarence, faenyx141h 14'
802705  brewk001, mvrichthofen, pokerguy16h 49'
802704  brewk001, mark41974, wetty1116h 54'
802703  brewk001, mjk1964, Gladiatore20h 43'
802702  wetty11, mjk1964, mvrichthofen20h 14'
802701  wetty11, Gladiatore, scotireb21h 21'
802700  wetty11, mark41974, brewk00116h 54'
802699  scotireb, mark41974, mjk196417h 45'
802698  scotireb, brewk001, pokerguy16h 50'
802697  scotireb, Gladiatore, wetty1121h 22'
802696  pokerguy, Gladiatore, mark4197416h 57'
802695  pokerguy, wetty11, mvrichthofen10h 47'
802694  pokerguy, brewk001, scotireb16h 50'
802693  mvrichthofen, brewk001, Gladiatore1day 11h
802692  mvrichthofen, scotireb, mjk196417h 45'
802691  mvrichthofen, wetty11, pokerguy11h 38'
802690  mjk1964, wetty11, brewk00111h 37'
802689  mjk1964, pokerguy, mark4197416h 58'
802688  mjk1964, scotireb, mvrichthofen17h 46'
802687  mark41974, scotireb, wetty1120h 14'
802686  mark41974, mvrichthofen, Gladiatore1day 8h
802685  mark41974, pokerguy, mjk196416h 58'
802684  Gladiatore, pokerguy, scotireb16h 58'
802683  Gladiatore, mjk1964, brewk00120h 44'
802682  Gladiatore, mvrichthofen, mark419741day 8h
802681  markrendl, BlackSheep, higheagle, mark41974, Fineturno, Morrigan31, TXWard, james_hormel1day 4h
802680  BlackSheep, mark41974, markrendl, Morrigan31, Fineturno, james_hormel, higheagle, TXWard1day 4h
802679  mark41974, TXWard, Fineturno, james_hormel, BlackSheep, markrendl, Morrigan31, higheagle1day 4h
802678  TXWard, james_hormel, mark41974, markrendl, BlackSheep, higheagle, Fineturno, Morrigan311day 4h
802677  james_hormel, Morrigan31, BlackSheep, higheagle, TXWard, mark41974, markrendl, Fineturno1day 4h
802676  Morrigan31, higheagle, james_hormel, mark41974, TXWard, Fineturno, BlackSheep, markrendl1day 4h
802675  higheagle, markrendl, TXWard, Fineturno, Morrigan31, james_hormel, mark41974, BlackSheep1day 4h
802674  markrendl, Fineturno, higheagle, james_hormel, Morrigan31, BlackSheep, TXWard, mark419741day 4h
802673  Fineturno, mark41974, Morrigan31, BlackSheep, markrendl, higheagle, james_hormel, TXWard1day 4h
802672  mark41974, BlackSheep, Fineturno, higheagle, markrendl, TXWard, Morrigan31, james_hormel1day 4h
802671  BlackSheep, james_hormel, markrendl, TXWard, mark41974, Fineturno, higheagle, Morrigan311day 4h
802670  james_hormel, TXWard, BlackSheep, Fineturno, mark41974, Morrigan31, markrendl, higheagle1day 4h
802669  TXWard, higheagle, mark41974, Morrigan31, james_hormel, BlackSheep, Fineturno, markrendl1day 4h
802668  higheagle, Morrigan31, TXWard, BlackSheep, james_hormel, markrendl, mark41974, Fineturno1day 4h
802667  Morrigan31, Fineturno, james_hormel, markrendl, higheagle, TXWard, BlackSheep, mark419741day 4h
802666  Fineturno, markrendl, Morrigan31, TXWard, higheagle, mark41974, james_hormel, BlackSheep1day 4h
802624 spaceghostx9, sdelcia, chef62, cybrt542days 1h
802623 Levin74, cybrt54, spaceghostx9, Soterios22h 54'
802622 cybrt54, Mordermi, andrewpov, spaceghostx9, chef62, Albatrotro1h 14'
802615 vonhilter, Wertzz, crazydick, faenyx14, calducho76, dcr66, Soterios, chef623days 7h
802614 vonhilter, rshivy, calducho76, crazydick, Seahawker, cloudybear, Shiraz68, erpiratapeloso, VonStackel, chef62, sdelcia, andrewpov, Korba, Albatrotro, Lidtsentude, gpricesr21h 45'
802613 vonhilter, crazydick, calducho76, Korba, Albatrotro, Seahawker, golfguy1978, gpricesr, rshivy, VonStackel, dcr66, chef62, sdelcia, andrewpov, DarknessEternal, Lidtsentude1day 12h
802612  redpanda, Spinal-Tap, vonhilter, mark41974, higheagle, Gladiatore, markrendl2days 1h
802611  mark41974, markrendl, vonhilter, higheagle, Gladiatore, redpanda, james_hormel3h 48'
802610  mark41974, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, Gladiatore, markrendl, james_hormel, redpanda1day 22h
802609  markrendl, redpanda, Spinal-Tap, james_hormel, Gladiatore, vonhilter, mark4197422h 17'
802608  james_hormel, mark41974, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, vonhilter, markrendl, higheagle1day 22h
802607  james_hormel, redpanda, Gladiatore, vonhilter, mark41974, higheagle, markrendl1day 22h
802606  mark41974, markrendl, redpanda, higheagle, vonhilter, Spinal-Tap, james_hormel3h 48'
802605  higheagle, james_hormel, redpanda, vonhilter, Spinal-Tap, mark41974, Gladiatore1day 22h
802604  higheagle, markrendl, vonhilter, Spinal-Tap, james_hormel, Gladiatore, mark419741day 22h
802603  james_hormel, mark41974, markrendl, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, redpanda, higheagle1day 4h
802602  Gladiatore, higheagle, markrendl, Spinal-Tap, redpanda, james_hormel, vonhilter3h 48'
802601  Gladiatore, mark41974, Spinal-Tap, redpanda, higheagle, vonhilter, james_hormel20' 40"
802600  higheagle, james_hormel, mark41974, vonhilter, redpanda, markrendl, Gladiatore1day 4h
802599  vonhilter, Gladiatore, mark41974, redpanda, markrendl, higheagle, Spinal-Tap2days 1h
802598  vonhilter, james_hormel, redpanda, markrendl, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, higheagle3h 47'
802597  Gladiatore, higheagle, james_hormel, Spinal-Tap, markrendl, mark41974, vonhilter1day 4h
802596  Spinal-Tap, vonhilter, james_hormel, markrendl, mark41974, Gladiatore, redpanda5h 54'
802595  Spinal-Tap, higheagle, markrendl, mark41974, vonhilter, redpanda, Gladiatore2days 1h
802594  vonhilter, Gladiatore, higheagle, redpanda, mark41974, james_hormel, Spinal-Tap34' 9"
802593  redpanda, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, mark41974, james_hormel, vonhilter, markrendl1day 4h
802592  redpanda, Gladiatore, mark41974, james_hormel, Spinal-Tap, markrendl, vonhilter19h 30'
802591  Spinal-Tap, vonhilter, Gladiatore, markrendl, james_hormel, higheagle, redpanda1day 4h
802590  markrendl, redpanda, Gladiatore, james_hormel, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, mark419745h 46'
802589  markrendl, vonhilter, james_hormel, higheagle, redpanda, mark41974, Spinal-Tap3h 49'
802575  markrendl, Morrigan31, wetty11, james_hormel, Gladiatore, darken, mark419741day 4h
802574  james_hormel, mark41974, wetty11, Gladiatore, darken, markrendl, higheagle11h 37'
802573  james_hormel, Morrigan31, Gladiatore, darken, mark41974, higheagle, markrendl1day 4h
802572  mark41974, markrendl, Morrigan31, higheagle, darken, wetty11, james_hormel1day 4h
802571  higheagle, james_hormel, Morrigan31, darken, wetty11, mark41974, Gladiatore1day 9h
802570  higheagle, markrendl, darken, wetty11, james_hormel, Gladiatore, mark419741day 14h
802569  james_hormel, mark41974, markrendl, Gladiatore, wetty11, Morrigan31, higheagle1day 4h
802568  Gladiatore, higheagle, markrendl, wetty11, Morrigan31, james_hormel, darken1day 13h
802567  Gladiatore, mark41974, wetty11, Morrigan31, higheagle, darken, james_hormel1day 9h
802566  higheagle, james_hormel, mark41974, darken, Morrigan31, markrendl, Gladiatore13h 32'
802565  darken, Gladiatore, mark41974, Morrigan31, markrendl, higheagle, wetty111day 4h
802564  darken, james_hormel, Morrigan31, markrendl, Gladiatore, wetty11, higheagle13h 27'
802563  Gladiatore, higheagle, james_hormel, wetty11, markrendl, mark41974, darken11h 36'
802562  wetty11, darken, james_hormel, markrendl, mark41974, Gladiatore, Morrigan311day 14h
802561  wetty11, higheagle, markrendl, mark41974, darken, Morrigan31, Gladiatore5h 49'
802560  darken, Gladiatore, higheagle, Morrigan31, mark41974, james_hormel, wetty1114h 11'
802559  Morrigan31, wetty11, higheagle, mark41974, james_hormel, darken, markrendl14h 12'
802558  Morrigan31, Gladiatore, mark41974, james_hormel, wetty11, markrendl, darken22h 18'
802557  wetty11, darken, Gladiatore, markrendl, james_hormel, higheagle, Morrigan3114h 13'
802556  markrendl, Morrigan31, Gladiatore, james_hormel, higheagle, wetty11, mark4197411h 39'
802555  markrendl, darken, james_hormel, higheagle, Morrigan31, mark41974, wetty1114h 15'
802554  Morrigan31, wetty11, darken, mark41974, higheagle, Gladiatore, markrendl13h 31'
802553  mark41974, markrendl, darken, higheagle, Gladiatore, Morrigan31, james_hormel14h 17'
802552  mark41974, wetty11, higheagle, Gladiatore, markrendl, james_hormel, Morrigan315h 54'
802524  Galceran, Nasone, darken, Sabelkatten, james_hormel, TnT20' 33"
802523  Galceran, darken, Sabelkatten, mark41974, Nasone, james_hormel36' 1"
802522  darken, james_hormel, dcr66, mark41974, Galceran, Nasone32' 53"
802521  dcr66, mark41974, TnT, Nasone, Galceran, Sabelkatten19' 4"
802520  dcr66, TnT, Nasone, james_hormel, mark41974, Galceran33' 27"
802519  TnT, Galceran, darken, james_hormel, dcr66, mark4197417h 6'
802518  darken, james_hormel, Sabelkatten, mark41974, dcr66, Nasone52' 55"
802517  darken, Sabelkatten, mark41974, Galceran, james_hormel, dcr6622h 5'
802516  Sabelkatten, dcr66, TnT, Galceran, darken, james_hormel10' 48"
802515  TnT, Galceran, Nasone, james_hormel, darken, mark4197434' 36"
802514  TnT, Nasone, james_hormel, dcr66, Galceran, darken21' 15"
802513  Nasone, darken, Sabelkatten, dcr66, TnT, Galceran34' 3"
802512  Sabelkatten, dcr66, mark41974, Galceran, TnT, james_hormel1h 31'
802511  Sabelkatten, mark41974, Galceran, darken, dcr66, TnT9h 35'
802510  mark41974, TnT, Nasone, darken, Sabelkatten, dcr6650' 36"
802509  Nasone, darken, james_hormel, dcr66, Sabelkatten, Galceran35' 3"
802508  Nasone, james_hormel, dcr66, TnT, darken, Sabelkatten20' 55"
802507  james_hormel, Sabelkatten, mark41974, TnT, Nasone, darken38' 44"
802506  mark41974, TnT, Galceran, darken, Nasone, dcr661h 7'
802505  mark41974, Galceran, darken, Sabelkatten, TnT, Nasone37' 3"
802504  Galceran, Nasone, james_hormel, Sabelkatten, mark41974, TnT21' 36"
802503  james_hormel, Sabelkatten, dcr66, TnT, mark41974, darken18h 10'
802502  james_hormel, dcr66, TnT, Nasone, Sabelkatten, mark4197451' 16"
802501  dcr66, mark41974, Galceran, Nasone, james_hormel, Sabelkatten52' 38"
802484 Cobra78, Wertzz, shermanguy, dwg, Levin74, mark41974, Electro, DarknessEternal1day 2h
802476  TnT, redpanda, Nipotrapaul, brewk0013h 6'
802475  dcr66, Doorstop, brewk001, Sabelkatten3h 44'
802474  dcr66, brewk001, Doorstop, Nipotrapaul2h 32'
802473  brewk001, redpanda, Doorstop, TnT3h 40'
802472  Sabelkatten, Nipotrapaul, mark41974, TnT9' 41"
802471  brewk001, dcr66, TnT, redpanda10' 19"
802470  brewk001, TnT, dcr66, mark419744h 8'
802469  TnT, Nipotrapaul, dcr66, Sabelkatten9' 9"
802468  redpanda, mark41974, Doorstop, Sabelkatten6h 40'
802467  TnT, brewk001, Sabelkatten, Nipotrapaul9' 59"
802466  TnT, Sabelkatten, brewk001, Doorstop6h 40'
802465  Sabelkatten, mark41974, brewk001, redpanda2h 33'
802464  Nipotrapaul, Doorstop, dcr66, redpanda3h 45'
802463  Sabelkatten, TnT, redpanda, mark4197415h 11'
802462  Sabelkatten, redpanda, TnT, dcr666h 32'
802461  redpanda, Doorstop, TnT, Nipotrapaul3h 5'
802460  mark41974, dcr66, brewk001, Nipotrapaul14h 52'
802459  redpanda, Sabelkatten, Nipotrapaul, Doorstop2h 36'
802457  Nipotrapaul, dcr66, Sabelkatten, mark419742h 52'
802456  Doorstop, brewk001, TnT, mark4197415h 38'
802454  Nipotrapaul, mark41974, redpanda, TnT6h 19'
802453  mark41974, brewk001, redpanda, Doorstop6h 22'
802452  dcr66, TnT, Sabelkatten, Doorstop7h 45'
802451  mark41974, Nipotrapaul, Doorstop, brewk00115h 44'
802450  mark41974, Doorstop, Nipotrapaul, Sabelkatten3h 3'
802449  Doorstop, TnT, Nipotrapaul, dcr6613' 47"
802448  brewk001, Sabelkatten, redpanda, dcr663h 41'
802447  Doorstop, mark41974, dcr66, TnT15h 38'
802446  Doorstop, dcr66, mark41974, redpanda6h 23'
802366  Nasone, dcr66, Gladiatore, mjk1964, Fineturno, paciodv1, scotireb, mark419741h 3'
802365  dcr66, mjk1964, Nasone, paciodv1, Fineturno, mark41974, Gladiatore, scotireb1h 3'
802364  mjk1964, scotireb, Fineturno, mark41974, dcr66, Nasone, paciodv1, Gladiatore1h 5'
802363  scotireb, mark41974, mjk1964, Nasone, dcr66, Gladiatore, Fineturno, paciodv18h 37'
802362  mark41974, paciodv1, dcr66, Gladiatore, scotireb, mjk1964, Nasone, Fineturno51' 12"
802361  paciodv1, Gladiatore, mark41974, mjk1964, scotireb, Fineturno, dcr66, Nasone1' 28"
802360  Gladiatore, Nasone, scotireb, Fineturno, paciodv1, mark41974, mjk1964, dcr6617' 12"
802359  Nasone, Fineturno, Gladiatore, mark41974, paciodv1, dcr66, scotireb, mjk19641h 2'
802358  Fineturno, mjk1964, paciodv1, dcr66, Nasone, Gladiatore, mark41974, scotireb1h 4'
802357  mjk1964, dcr66, Fineturno, Gladiatore, Nasone, scotireb, paciodv1, mark4197451' 35"
802356  dcr66, mark41974, Nasone, scotireb, mjk1964, Fineturno, Gladiatore, paciodv116' 57"
802355  mark41974, scotireb, dcr66, Fineturno, mjk1964, paciodv1, Nasone, Gladiatore59' 38"
802354  scotireb, Gladiatore, mjk1964, paciodv1, mark41974, dcr66, Fineturno, Nasone38' 4"
802353  Gladiatore, paciodv1, scotireb, dcr66, mark41974, Nasone, mjk1964, Fineturno53' 29"
802352  paciodv1, Fineturno, mark41974, Nasone, Gladiatore, scotireb, dcr66, mjk196416' 21"
802351  Fineturno, Nasone, paciodv1, scotireb, Gladiatore, mjk1964, mark41974, dcr661h 9'
802287 Cobra78, Wertzz, cybrt54, Seahawker, chef62, spaceghostx9, redbeard1775, neelorath, Shiraz68, Frusinak8h 36'
802286 Cobra78, Wertzz, Seahawker, neelorath, Korba, chef62, redbeard1775, sdelcia, Frusinak, dcr668h 44'
802285 Cobra78, eddiem, Wertzz, scivias, chef62, Mordermi, neelorath, faenyx147h 44'
802283 Cobra78, Wertzz, Seahawker, neelorath, Frusinak, chef62, redbeard1775, sdelcia, Shiraz68, Korba1day 18h
802282 rvguegn, Cobra78, Mordermi, chef62, mark41974, Korba1h 11'
802279 Wertzz, Cobra78, redbeard1775, neelorath, Frusinak, dcr66, crazydick, chef62, sdelcia, cybrt54, SunTzu631day
802278 sdelcia, cybrt54, Wertzz, Frusinak, Seahawker, redbeard1775, chef62, DarthVader, bkbb214, Cobra781day 21h
802277 cloudybear, Wertzz, Korba, Cobra78, crazydick, chef62, sdelcia, Bluestone28, Frusinak, SunTzu6322h 20'
802276  Nasone, clarence, Doorstop, mark41974, darken, Nipotrapaul, TnT, gugliandalf8' 54"
802275  clarence, mark41974, Nasone, Nipotrapaul, darken, gugliandalf, Doorstop, TnT55' 39"
802274  mark41974, TnT, darken, gugliandalf, clarence, Nasone, Nipotrapaul, Doorstop49' 57"
802273  TnT, gugliandalf, mark41974, Nasone, clarence, Doorstop, darken, Nipotrapaul11' 4"
802272  gugliandalf, Nipotrapaul, clarence, Doorstop, TnT, mark41974, Nasone, darken19' 36"
802271  Nipotrapaul, Doorstop, gugliandalf, mark41974, TnT, darken, clarence, Nasone48' 28"
802270  Doorstop, Nasone, TnT, darken, Nipotrapaul, gugliandalf, mark41974, clarence1h 2'
802269  Nasone, darken, Doorstop, gugliandalf, Nipotrapaul, clarence, TnT, mark4197411' 32"
802268  darken, mark41974, Nipotrapaul, clarence, Nasone, Doorstop, gugliandalf, TnT18' 46"
802267  mark41974, clarence, darken, Doorstop, Nasone, TnT, Nipotrapaul, gugliandalf45' 29"
802266  clarence, gugliandalf, Nasone, TnT, mark41974, darken, Doorstop, Nipotrapaul1h
802265  gugliandalf, TnT, clarence, darken, mark41974, Nipotrapaul, Nasone, Doorstop46' 51"
802264  TnT, Doorstop, mark41974, Nipotrapaul, gugliandalf, clarence, darken, Nasone17' 53"
802263  Doorstop, Nipotrapaul, TnT, clarence, gugliandalf, Nasone, mark41974, darken57' 8"
802262  Nipotrapaul, darken, gugliandalf, Nasone, Doorstop, TnT, clarence, mark4197449' 24"
802261  darken, Nasone, Nipotrapaul, TnT, Doorstop, mark41974, gugliandalf, clarence1day 10h
802253 mark41974, sdelcia, Wertzz, Cobra78, chef62, bkbb214, cloudybear, cybrt54, Bluestone28, Morrigan311day 5h
802250 paciodv1, cloudybear, cybrt54, Wertzz, Frusinak, chef62, mark41974, bkbb214, Cobra78, redbeard1775, neelorath1day 6h
802248 cloudybear, Wertzz, Cobra78, Bluestone28, Morrigan31, chef62, mark41974, bkbb214, sdelcia, cybrt5412h 41'
802247 Wertzz, Cobra78, Frusinak, dcr66, Utana, golfguy1978, chef62, mark41974, Soterios, bkbb214, sdelcia, cybrt541day 5h
802245 cloudybear, Wertzz, Cobra78, neelorath, Bluestone28, Morrigan31, chef62, mark41974, jonfel14, bkbb2148h 42'
802244 jonfel14, bkbb214, cloudybear, sdelcia, chef62, mark41974, cybrt54, acme2468, rvguegn, Korba13' 20"
802243 spaceghostx9, DarthVader, sdelcia, Morrigan31, cybrt54, chef62, mark41974, bkbb214, DarknessEternal, bthanse1day 16h
802241 Soterios, DarthVader, sdelcia, Wertzz, Cobra78, cybrt54, chef62, mark41974, bkbb214, eddiem, Frusinak, Lidtsentude1day 5h
802239 sdelcia, Wertzz, Cobra78, crazydick, andrewpov, Albatrotro, chef62, spaceghostx9, jonfel14, mark41974, bkbb214, Frusinak, VonStackel, Electro, vonhilter1day 5h
802238 cloudybear, Wertzz, Cobra78, Fineturno, dcr66, crazydick, erpiratapeloso, Lidtsentude, Albatrotro, chef62, mark41974, bkbb214, DarthVader, sdelcia, eddiem, Frusinak, redbeard1775, andrewpov1day 6h
802210 crazydick, Cobra78, Wertzz, erpiratapeloso, Korba, chef62, Soterios, faenyx14, cybrt54, bkbb21423h 18'
802209 Cobra78, Wertzz, andrewpov, cloudybear, mark41974, Frusinak, chef62, Soterios, faenyx14, erpiratapeloso, cybrt54, Korba1day 7h
802208 Cobra78, Wertzz, andrewpov, cloudybear, Frusinak, Morrigan31, [Scratch2002], acme2468, shermanguy, chef62, Soterios, erpiratapeloso, TnT, mark41974, eddiem, Mordermi, Lidtsentude, sdelcia18h 13'
802207 Cobra78, Soterios, Wertzz, erpiratapeloso, cloudybear, Lidtsentude, neelorath, dcr66, chef62, Korba, andrewpov, mark41974, eddiem, Frusinak, Morrigan31, [Scratch2002]1day 5h
802085 rvguegn, Cobra78, Wertzz, golfguy1978, Morrigan31, rshivy, Soterios, Frusinak, Albatrotro, chef627h 57'
802049 Cobra78, andrewpov, Wertzz, bkbb214, rshivy, [wiggervoss], chef621h 13'
802048 Cobra78, [wiggervoss], Morrigan31, bkbb214, golfguy1978, andrewpov1day 17h
802040 actionlucas, Seahawker, bkbb214, rshivy1h 37'
801914 spaceghostx9, andrewpov, Lidtsentude, blan86, Cobra78, gpricesr, Leatherneck, Frusinak23h 21'
801912  Lone Wolf, Doorstop, higheagle, Lidtsentude, Fineturno, mark41974, tomski, jadthegrey2h 47'
801911  Doorstop, Lidtsentude, Lone Wolf, mark41974, Fineturno, jadthegrey, higheagle, tomski15h 40'
801910  Lidtsentude, tomski, Fineturno, jadthegrey, Doorstop, Lone Wolf, mark41974, higheagle1h 21'
801909  tomski, jadthegrey, Lidtsentude, Lone Wolf, Doorstop, higheagle, Fineturno, mark419741h 23'
801908  jadthegrey, mark41974, Doorstop, higheagle, tomski, Lidtsentude, Lone Wolf, Fineturno2days 1h
801906  higheagle, Lone Wolf, tomski, Fineturno, mark41974, jadthegrey, Lidtsentude, Doorstop15h 40'
801905  Lone Wolf, Fineturno, higheagle, jadthegrey, mark41974, Doorstop, tomski, Lidtsentude1day 15h
801904  Fineturno, Lidtsentude, mark41974, Doorstop, Lone Wolf, higheagle, jadthegrey, tomski1day 7h
801903  Lidtsentude, Doorstop, Fineturno, higheagle, Lone Wolf, tomski, mark41974, jadthegrey1h 24'
801902  Doorstop, jadthegrey, Lone Wolf, tomski, Lidtsentude, Fineturno, higheagle, mark419741h 26'
801900  tomski, higheagle, Lidtsentude, mark41974, jadthegrey, Doorstop, Fineturno, Lone Wolf15h 36'
801899  higheagle, mark41974, tomski, Doorstop, jadthegrey, Lone Wolf, Lidtsentude, Fineturno15h 39'
801898  mark41974, Fineturno, jadthegrey, Lone Wolf, higheagle, tomski, Doorstop, Lidtsentude1day 15h
801897  Fineturno, Lone Wolf, mark41974, tomski, higheagle, Lidtsentude, jadthegrey, Doorstop15h 42'
801875 Johntheboring, andrewpov, spaceghostx9, Lidtsentude, Dutch, Windy, mark41974, cloudybear, VonStackel, vonhilter, Viridovix11' 41"
801788 [wiggervoss], Cobra786h 12'
801787 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]6h 12'
801785 [wiggervoss], Cobra786h 20'
801784 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]6h 10'
801783 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]6h 10'
801782 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]6h 8'
801781 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]6h 8'
801779 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]5h 52'
801778 [wiggervoss], Cobra785h 50'
801777 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]5h 50'
801776 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]5h 48'
801774 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]5h 48'
801772 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]5h 52'
801767 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]6h 22'
801757 Cobra78, spaceghostx9, wiggervoss, mudEguy, eddiem, cybrt54, andrewpov, bkbb21412days 18h
801715  clarence, Lidtsentude, paciodv1, TXWard, darken, jadthegrey, Fineturno, Viridovix21h 34'
801710  Fineturno, paciodv1, Viridovix, darken, TXWard, jadthegrey, Lidtsentude, clarence23h 19'
801709  paciodv1, darken, Fineturno, jadthegrey, TXWard, clarence, Viridovix, Lidtsentude2h 47'
801708  darken, Lidtsentude, TXWard, clarence, paciodv1, Fineturno, jadthegrey, Viridovix11' 58"
801707  Lidtsentude, clarence, darken, Fineturno, paciodv1, Viridovix, TXWard, jadthegrey1h 22'
801705  jadthegrey, Viridovix, clarence, darken, Lidtsentude, TXWard, paciodv1, Fineturno1h 24'
801702  TXWard, darken, jadthegrey, paciodv1, Fineturno, Viridovix, clarence, Lidtsentude2h 50'
801697 neelorath, spaceghostx9, Seahawker, andrewpov, Scratch2002, Viridovix, Korba, paciodv1, Lidtsentude, chef6210' 38"
801696 neelorath, spaceghostx9, Seahawker, Viridovix11' 16"
801691 rshivy, cloudybear, cybrt54, sdelcia, jonfel14, Conan, vonhilter3days 1h
801608  [arkon], Doorstop, tomski, docmortand, GraysGhost15h 45'
801590 99thmike, mnich_2, Ajusul1day 7h
801584 jonfel14, Vimes, 99thmike, sdelcia, BigJoeDuke, chef62, cybrt54, andrewpov, TnT2days 7h
801583 jonfel14, BigJoeDuke, andrewpov, 99thmike, cybrt54, Morrigan31, sdelcia1day
801548 erpiratapeloso, Wertzz, vonhilter, rshivy, Frusinak, spaceghostx9, Soterios, shermanguy, chef62, Viridovix1day 1h
801547 erpiratapeloso, spaceghostx9, crazydick, Wertzz, Dominion, Soterios, Mordermi, shermanguy, vonhilter, chef621day 3h
801546 rshivy, jhrobin2, erpiratapeloso, cybrt54, DarthVader, crazydick, Soterios, vonhilter1day 16h
801532  mvrichthofen, darken, Fineturno, Galceran, mjk1964, docmortand, Ramirez_UgoIuri, wetty1120h 19'
801531  darken, mjk1964, mvrichthofen, wetty11, Ramirez_UgoIuri, docmortand, Galceran, Fineturno1day 6h
801530  mjk1964, wetty11, docmortand, Fineturno, Galceran, darken, mvrichthofen, Ramirez_UgoIuri20h 12'
801529  wetty11, Galceran, mjk1964, Ramirez_UgoIuri, mvrichthofen, darken, Fineturno, docmortand1h 32'
801528  Galceran, Ramirez_UgoIuri, darken, docmortand, Fineturno, wetty11, mjk1964, mvrichthofen20h 40'
801527  Ramirez_UgoIuri, Fineturno, Galceran, mvrichthofen, mjk1964, wetty11, docmortand, darken22h 15'
801526  Fineturno, mvrichthofen, wetty11, darken, docmortand, Ramirez_UgoIuri, Galceran, mjk196422h 14'
801525  mvrichthofen, docmortand, Fineturno, mjk1964, Galceran, Ramirez_UgoIuri, darken, wetty111day 13h
801524  docmortand, mjk1964, Ramirez_UgoIuri, wetty11, darken, mvrichthofen, Fineturno, Galceran20h 42'
801523  mjk1964, darken, docmortand, Galceran, Fineturno, mvrichthofen, wetty11, Ramirez_UgoIuri20h 23'
801522  darken, Galceran, mvrichthofen, Ramirez_UgoIuri, wetty11, mjk1964, docmortand, Fineturno20h 25'
801521  Galceran, wetty11, darken, Fineturno, docmortand, mjk1964, Ramirez_UgoIuri, mvrichthofen1day 7h
801520  wetty11, Fineturno, mjk1964, mvrichthofen, Ramirez_UgoIuri, Galceran, darken, docmortand20h 41'
801519  Fineturno, Ramirez_UgoIuri, wetty11, docmortand, darken, Galceran, mvrichthofen, mjk196420h 42'
801518  Ramirez_UgoIuri, docmortand, Galceran, mjk1964, mvrichthofen, Fineturno, wetty11, darken20h 24'
801517  docmortand, mvrichthofen, Ramirez_UgoIuri, darken, wetty11, Fineturno, mjk1964, Galceran20h 18'
801406 spaceghostx9, cybrt54, Electro, Morrigan31, BlackSheep, jonfel14, wiggervoss, Albatrotro11days 17h
801405 spaceghostx9, Morrigan31, nicus1970, scorpiorocks, Mordermi, imdog, jonfel14, wiggervoss, cybrt54, Electro, BlackSheep10days 20h
801365  brewk001, Gladiatore, mjk1964, CaptVimes, higheagle1day 19h
801330 rshivy, andrewpov, Wertzz, crazydick, Ramirez_UgoIuri, chef62, [wiggervoss], rg25722h 45'
801281 Wertzz, Soterios, sdelcia, Korba, [Vimes], andrewpov, Ramirez_UgoIuri, chef62, bkbb214, cybrt54, crazydick, james_hormel1day 13h
801279 Wertzz, sdelcia, Korba, crazydick, bkbb214, Ramirez_UgoIuri, chef62, cybrt54, Lidtsentude, imdog22h 45'
801278 Ramirez_UgoIuri, Wertzz, sdelcia, crazydick, imdog, chef62, Frusinak, Soterios, eddiem, Viridovix21h 33'
801274 Galceran, andrewpov, Wertzz, eddiem, bkbb214, Albatrotro, james_hormel, [Vimes], rshivy, chef62, cybrt54, neelorath, [wiggervoss], sdelcia, spaceghostx9, crazydick, VonStackel, vonhilter1day 17h
801268 Wertzz, sdelcia, neelorath, Frusinak, mnich_2, Ramirez_UgoIuri, eddiem, chef62, cloudybear, wiggervoss1day 22h
801266 Wertzz, [arkon], sdelcia, neelorath, Ramirez_UgoIuri, cybrt54, wiggervoss, faenyx141day 3h
801265 Ramirez_UgoIuri, Wertzz, sdelcia, cloudybear, arkon, cybrt54, neelorath, [wiggervoss]12h 41'
801264 Ramirez_UgoIuri, Wertzz, sdelcia, neelorath, chef62, [arkon], wiggervoss, rg2578h 41'
801262 Wertzz, sdelcia, Galceran, neelorath, Ramirez_UgoIuri, chef62, [arkon], andrewpov8h 42'
801260 Wertzz, [arkon], cybrt54, Galceran, Ramirez_UgoIuri, chef62, sdelcia, bthanse2days 2h
801233  james_hormel, BlackSheep, CaptVimes, higheagle, CaptainBlood, pokerguy, scotireb, GraysGhost14h 20'
801230  scotireb, GraysGhost, higheagle, james_hormel, BlackSheep, CaptVimes, CaptainBlood, pokerguy8h 20'
801229  GraysGhost, pokerguy, BlackSheep, CaptVimes, scotireb, higheagle, james_hormel, CaptainBlood8h 20'
801227  CaptVimes, james_hormel, scotireb, CaptainBlood, pokerguy, GraysGhost, higheagle, BlackSheep46' 39"
801225  CaptainBlood, higheagle, pokerguy, BlackSheep, james_hormel, CaptVimes, GraysGhost, scotireb16h 59'
801222  GraysGhost, scotireb, BlackSheep, CaptainBlood, higheagle, pokerguy, james_hormel, CaptVimes10h 47'
801139 crazydick, Frusinak, spaceghostx9, golfguy1978, chef62, Mordermi, cybrt54, sdelcia1day 17h
801039 jonfel14, spaceghostx9, eddiem, neelorath, [wiggervoss], Seahawker, Soterios, Johntheboring, chef62, cybrt54, cloudybear, DarknessEternal, DarthVader, vonhilter1h 45'
801031 neelorath, Wertzz, rshivy, spaceghostx9, sdelcia, donjuan, vonhilter, Horophim, Ramirez_UgoIuri, chef62, imdog, Frusinak, [arkon], andrewpov, wiggervoss, cloudybear, rg257, eddiem6days 6h
801028 Wertzz, Frusinak, crazydick, spaceghostx9, andrewpov, wiggervoss, neelorath, chef62, cybrt54, imdog, arkon, sdelcia2days 7h
800885 99thmike, sdelcia, [malovig], Ajusul1day 14h
800811 vonhilter, cloudybear, sdelcia, [malovig], chef62, Ajusul1day 18h
800563 spaceghostx9, rshivy, Vimes, drathul, cloudybear, Wertzz, Lidtsentude, Utana, jhrobin2, [malovig], chef62, sdelcia, andrewpov, cybrt54, SlotraceDK, Frusinak, neelorath, vonhilter8days 14h
800500 cloudybear, Elder_Dragon, [malovig], Vimes, drathul, andrewpov, Korba, spaceghostx9, imdog, chef62, rshivy, dcr66, DarthVader, cybrt54, eddiem, SlotraceDK, Lidtsentude1day 18h
799356 Wertzz, mark41974, wiggervoss, cybrt54, [California_Kid], Satchu69, Mordermi10days 23h
795439 spaceghostx9, catoblepa, cybrt54, doloso, Frusinak, jpernas, Sinop251days 9h
708394 Sarmata, Noxiol_redpig5years 171days
597915 mjk1964, chef62, John_Clark, Mahouman8years 117days
568046 [Ciccio], scotireb8years 295days
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Your name is always listed in Red. Bold is for players that have to move, Strike is for eliminated players, Italic is for retired players. [Bracketed] names are for players automoved by the site engine.
So, if you see ... it's time to move!
801223  BlackSheep, GraysGhost, james_hormel, scotireb, higheagle, CaptainBlood, CaptVimes, pokerguy33"
801704  Viridovix, Fineturno, Lidtsentude, TXWard, jadthegrey, clarence, darken, paciodv11h 21'
801775 Cobra78, [wiggervoss]5h 54'
801780 [wiggervoss], Cobra786h 14'
801614  tomski, clarence, GraysGhost, [arkon], Doorstop1day 10h
800351 Wertzz, eddiem, spaceghostx9, rshivy, shermanguy, drathul, DavidKeres, dcr66, erpiratapeloso, chef62, cloudybear, dwg, Korba, DarknessEternal, Lidtsentude, [malovig]1day 13h
797861 99thmike, vonhilter, cybrt54, chef62, [george56], sdelcia, Scratch20021day 18h
802445  dcr66, Sabelkatten, mark41974, brewk0011day 23h
802204 Drek71, mnich_22days 7h
801701  darken, paciodv1, TXWard, Viridovix, Fineturno, Lidtsentude, jadthegrey, clarence2days 9h
801267 Ramirez_UgoIuri, Wertzz, neelorath, Frusinak, Galceran, chef62, sdelcia, cloudybear, cybrt54, [wiggervoss]2days 9h
801907  mark41974, higheagle, jadthegrey, Lidtsentude, tomski, Fineturno, Doorstop, Lone Wolf2days 16h
801057 Wertzz, Seahawker, Frusinak, rshivy, bkbb214, cybrt54, chef62, sdelcia2days 16h
801453 Ramirez_UgoIuri, Elder_Dragon, bluescreen9999, chef62, shermanguy, cloudybear2days 19h
801336 imdog, vonhilter, Viridovix, Albatrotro, crazydick, cybrt54, chef62, Soterios, rshivy, Mordermi, cloudybear, neelorath, Johntheboring, golfguy1978, mudEguy2days 23h
801226  james_hormel, CaptainBlood, CaptVimes, GraysGhost, pokerguy, BlackSheep, scotireb, higheagle3days 8h
801220  CaptVimes, pokerguy, scotireb, BlackSheep, GraysGhost, james_hormel, higheagle, CaptainBlood3days 15h
801232  BlackSheep, higheagle, james_hormel, pokerguy, CaptainBlood, GraysGhost, CaptVimes, scotireb3days 15h
800835 [malovig], Melotov, sdelcia, Leatherneck, cybrt54, BigJoeDuke3days 18h
801190  GraysGhost, higheagle, Gladiatore, brewk0014days
801221  scotireb, CaptVimes, higheagle, pokerguy, GraysGhost, BlackSheep, CaptainBlood, james_hormel4days
801236  higheagle, Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes, pokerguy, Gladiatore, james_hormel4days 1h
802234  brewk001, clarence, Sabelkatten4days 3h
802220  Galceran, Sabelkatten, brewk0014days 3h
802233  brewk001, Galceran, CaptVimes4days 5h
801901  jadthegrey, tomski, Doorstop, Fineturno, Lidtsentude, mark41974, Lone Wolf, higheagle4days 6h
801403  CaptVimes, brewk001, Gladiatore, higheagle, pokerguy4days 11h
802458  redpanda, Nipotrapaul, Sabelkatten, brewk0014days 17h
802047 Cobra78, wiggervoss, bkbb214, rshivy, andrewpov4days 22h
802236 DarthVader, spaceghostx9, vonhilter5days
801383  mjk1964, higheagle, pokerguy, brewk001, Gladiatore5days 2h
802455  Nipotrapaul, redpanda, mark41974, dcr665days 8h
801625  [arkon], docmortand, redpanda, tomski, GraysGhost5days 8h
801713  Viridovix, jadthegrey, Lidtsentude, paciodv1, clarence, Fineturno, darken, TXWard5days 14h
802226  mjk1964, CaptVimes, clarence5days 14h
801716  paciodv1, clarence, Fineturno, Lidtsentude, darken, TXWard, Viridovix, jadthegrey5days 18h
801714  Lidtsentude, Viridovix, darken, jadthegrey, clarence, paciodv1, TXWard, Fineturno5days 20h
801258 paciodv1, mnich_2, Wertzz, BlackSheep, faenyx14, Viridovix, [arkon], DarknessEternal5days 21h
801915 Cobra78, darken, Albatrotro, chef625days 21h
801213  CaptVimes, brewk001, Gladiatore, higheagle6days
801242  paciodv1, Gladiatore, GraysGhost, CaptVimes, higheagle, pokerguy6days 6h
801611  redpanda, [arkon], clarence, GraysGhost, Doorstop6days 11h
802217  clarence, pokerguy, Sabelkatten6days 11h
802213  CaptVimes, Galceran, brewk0016days 19h
801143  deadline, pokerguy, [scotireb], CaptVimes, GraysGhost, Nipotrapaul, james_hormel, dcr666days 20h
801543 keelhaul23, rsimcox, gugliandalf, cybrt546days 23h
801275 Galceran, andrewpov, Wertzz, spaceghostx9, crazydick, Vimes, rshivy, mudEguy, chef62, cybrt54, neelorath, [wiggervoss], sdelcia, eddiem, bkbb214, cloudybear, VonStackel7days 1h
802228  pokerguy, brewk001, mjk19647days 5h
801329 Ramirez_UgoIuri, cybrt54, Vimes, Wertzz, chef62, andrewpov, wiggervoss, Seahawker7days 7h
801695 spaceghostx9, cybrt54, andrewpov, neelorath, Seahawker, Viridovix7days 11h
802231  Sabelkatten, CaptVimes, pokerguy7days 16h
802229  pokerguy, clarence, Galceran7days 21h
802090 pokerguy, faenyx14, vonhilter, gugliandalf7days 22h
800004  [krukmal], Doorstop, Gladiatore, higheagle, markrendl, deadline, 02temp91, james_hormel8days 6h
802091 rshivy, Levin74, pozze178days 10h
801389  CaptVimes, Gladiatore, pokerguy, brewk001, Spinal-Tap8days 10h
802214  CaptVimes, mjk1964, pokerguy8days 11h
801392  pokerguy, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, mjk19648days 12h
801712  jadthegrey, TXWard, clarence, Fineturno, Viridovix, Lidtsentude, paciodv1, darken8days 14h
802224  mjk1964, brewk001, pokerguy8days 15h
801791 rvguegn, Cobra788days 19h
801599  Doorstop, tomski, clarence, GraysGhost, CaptVimes8days 22h
801711  TXWard, Fineturno, jadthegrey, Lidtsentude, Viridovix, darken, clarence, paciodv18days 23h
801382  higheagle, Gladiatore, mjk1964, brewk001, GraysGhost9days 1h
802211 Wertzz, bkbb214, cybrt54, Korba9days 1h
800074  Grosnounou, redpanda, darken, deadline, higheagle, markrendl, james_hormel, Fineturno9days 3h
801155  CaptVimes, james_hormel, Nipotrapaul, pokerguy, dcr66, GraysGhost, deadline, scotireb9days 3h
801364  higheagle, mjk1964, CaptVimes, GraysGhost, Gladiatore9days 4h
801596  docmortand, GraysGhost, tomski, clarence, CaptVimes9days 7h
801376  pokerguy, Gladiatore, mjk1964, brewk001, GraysGhost9days 7h
802218  Galceran, pokerguy, mark419749days 9h
800992 cybrt54, Wertzz, Frusinak, neelorath, rshivy, Ramirez_UgoIuri, cloudybear, eddiem, Nasone, rg2579days 12h
802216  clarence, mark41974, CaptVimes9days 13h
802222  mark41974, pokerguy, Galceran9days 15h
801396  Gladiatore, pokerguy, CaptVimes, higheagle, Spinal-Tap9days 22h
801369  mjk1964, pokerguy, Gladiatore, higheagle, GraysGhost10days 3h
802221  mark41974, Sabelkatten, mjk196410days 3h
801121  CaptVimes, GraysGhost, pokerguy, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, dcr6610days 5h
802223  mark41974, brewk001, CaptVimes10days 5h
801610  GraysGhost, arkon, docmortand, Doorstop, clarence10days 15h
801627  [arkon], clarence, CaptVimes, docmortand, Doorstop10days 15h
801371  mjk1964, CaptVimes, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore10days 15h
801375  Gladiatore, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, pokerguy10days 15h
801399  GraysGhost, higheagle, brewk001, Gladiatore, CaptVimes10days 17h
802230  Sabelkatten, clarence, brewk00110days 19h
802212  CaptVimes, mark41974, clarence10days 20h
801373  GraysGhost, Gladiatore, higheagle, pokerguy, brewk00110days 23h
801764 Cobra78, rvguegn11days 7h
801173  mvrichthofen, brewk001, imdog11days 9h
802219  Galceran, mjk1964, clarence11days 14h
801243  james_hormel, CaptVimes, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, paciodv1, pokerguy11days 15h
801393  Spinal-Tap, pokerguy, brewk001, Gladiatore, higheagle11days 15h
802235  brewk001, mark41974, mjk196411days 15h
801261 Ramirez_UgoIuri, Wertzz, [arkon], cybrt54, chef62, sdelcia, Galceran, andrewpov11days 16h
799995  [krukmal], deadline, Gladiatore, james_hormel, Doorstop, markrendl, 02temp91, higheagle11days 18h
801913 Cobra78, Ajusul, blan86, spaceghostx911days 19h
800082  redpanda, Grosnounou, higheagle, james_hormel, darken, Fineturno, deadline, markrendl11days 21h
801219  pokerguy, CaptainBlood, GraysGhost, james_hormel, CaptVimes, scotireb, BlackSheep, higheagle12days 1h
801259 Ramirez_UgoIuri, Wertzz, [arkon], bthanse, chef62, DarknessEternal, sdelcia, cybrt5412days 1h
797021 rshivy, sdelcia, sistino66, [Benbo60], [salaozy], shermanguy, Albatrotro, MrWoppit, wiggervoss, Elder_Dragon, vonhilter, DirtyFocker1, cloudybear, neelorath, Thowl3, chef6212days 4h
801241  paciodv1, Spinal-Tap, pokerguy, higheagle, Gladiatore, CaptVimes12days 6h
801191  CaptVimes, TnT, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore12days 6h
801612  GraysGhost, tomski, redpanda, [arkon], CaptVimes12days 8h
801144  scotireb, deadline, james_hormel, pokerguy, GraysGhost, CaptVimes, dcr66, Nipotrapaul12days 9h
801621  [arkon], clarence, Doorstop, tomski, redpanda12days 14h
802225  mjk1964, Sabelkatten, mark4197412days 15h
799941 cloudybear, ecz67, cybrt54, 99thmike, chef62, sdelcia12days 15h
802046 golfguy1978, Cobra78, bkbb214, Korba12days 16h
802145 rshivy, pozze1712days 16h
801041 spaceghostx9, vonhilter, redbeard1775, neelorath, faenyx14, wiggervoss, jonfel14, cloudybear, cybrt54, eddiem12days 19h
801606  GraysGhost, tomski, CaptVimes, Doorstop, docmortand12days 20h
801247  Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, CaptVimes, paciodv1, higheagle, GraysGhost12days 22h
800991 Ramirez_UgoIuri, Wertzz, golfguy1978, jadthegrey, imdog, cybrt54, Frusinak, neelorath, rshivy, chef6212days 22h
801604  GraysGhost, [arkon], docmortand, redpanda, clarence13days
801381  Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, pokerguy, CaptVimes, higheagle13days
801147  james_hormel, CaptVimes, dcr66, deadline, Nipotrapaul, scotireb, pokerguy, GraysGhost13days
801385  higheagle, pokerguy, CaptVimes, mjk1964, brewk00113days 1h
801706  clarence, jadthegrey, paciodv1, Viridovix, Lidtsentude, darken, Fineturno, TXWard13days 4h
800005  Gladiatore, [krukmal], 02temp91, Doorstop, markrendl, higheagle, james_hormel, deadline13days 6h
801623  docmortand, tomski, clarence, redpanda, [arkon]13days 9h
801600  docmortand, redpanda, CaptVimes, clarence, [arkon]13days 9h
801629  clarence, GraysGhost, [arkon], docmortand, tomski13days 9h
801231  higheagle, scotireb, CaptainBlood, GraysGhost, BlackSheep, james_hormel, pokerguy, CaptVimes13days 9h
801240  higheagle, Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes, pokerguy, james_hormel, paciodv113days 9h
801593  GraysGhost, CaptVimes, Doorstop, [arkon], clarence13days 16h
802232  Sabelkatten, Galceran, mark4197413days 18h
802033 Skycladd, Lidtsentude, Albatrotro, bkbb21413days 21h
802227  pokerguy, CaptVimes, Sabelkatten13days 22h
800076  higheagle, darken, deadline, Fineturno, james_hormel, redpanda, markrendl, Grosnounou13days 23h
801595  clarence, GraysGhost, arkon, CaptVimes, tomski14days 2h
802086 Flugt73, Fantom, loppen, mortenfix, Sorensen79, Sorensen7314days 6h
801234  Gladiatore, paciodv1, pokerguy, james_hormel, GraysGhost, higheagle14days 8h
802215  clarence, mjk1964, Galceran14days 9h
799357 Wertzz, Satchu69, sdelcia, Albatrotro, Ramirez_UgoIuri, [California_Kid], Mordermi, mark41974, chef62, wiggervoss, cybrt54, vonhilter14days 10h
801605  Doorstop, tomski, clarence, docmortand, CaptVimes14days 16h
801639  brewk001, [arkon]15days
801169  imdog, brewk001, mvrichthofen15days
800491  higheagle, mvrichthofen, dcr66, brewk00115days 1h
801153  scotireb, GraysGhost, james_hormel, Nipotrapaul, CaptVimes, deadline, dcr66, pokerguy15days 6h
800996 cybrt54, Wertzz, neelorath, cloudybear, Ramirez_UgoIuri, Frusinak, rg257, rshivy15days 6h
801263 Wertzz, sdelcia, jonfel14, andrewpov, Ramirez_UgoIuri, chef62, arkon, neelorath15days 6h
801200  pokerguy, Gladiatore, TnT, higheagle15days 10h
801620  tomski, clarence, GraysGhost, redpanda, Doorstop15days 13h
801703  Fineturno, TXWard, Viridovix, clarence, jadthegrey, paciodv1, Lidtsentude, darken15days 13h
801251  CaptVimes, james_hormel, paciodv1, higheagle, pokerguy, Gladiatore15days 14h
801630  CaptVimes, Doorstop, tomski, [arkon], redpanda15days 15h
801198  pokerguy, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, Gladiatore15days 15h
800993 Ramirez_UgoIuri, Wertzz, neelorath, spaceghostx9, cybrt54, Frusinak, vonhilter, chef6215days 18h
801598  redpanda, clarence, GraysGhost, CaptVimes, docmortand15days 18h
801395  pokerguy, brewk001, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore16days
801638  [arkon], scotireb16days 1h
801667  mjk1964, [arkon]16days 4h
801636  [arkon], mjk196416days 4h
801653  jadthegrey, [arkon]16days 5h
801660  Lone Wolf, [arkon]16days 9h
801592  CaptVimes, docmortand, clarence, Doorstop, GraysGhost16days 10h
801624  CaptVimes, Doorstop, tomski, clarence, redpanda16days 12h
801622  tomski, CaptVimes, [arkon], clarence, docmortand16days 12h
801141  dcr66, Nipotrapaul, pokerguy, scotireb, deadline, james_hormel, GraysGhost, CaptVimes16days 12h
799942 99thmike, spaceghostx9, cloudybear, Leatherneck, Albatrotro, Vimes, sdelcia, DarknessEternal, faenyx14, vonhilter16days 13h
801224  higheagle, BlackSheep, CaptainBlood, CaptVimes, james_hormel, scotireb, pokerguy, GraysGhost16days 14h
800007  higheagle, markrendl, deadline, Gladiatore, 02temp91, james_hormel, [krukmal], Doorstop16days 15h
801253  Gladiatore, higheagle, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, paciodv1, james_hormel16days 15h
799999  02temp91, Gladiatore, james_hormel, markrendl, higheagle, deadline, Doorstop, [krukmal]16days 20h
801454 shermanguy, cloudybear, Dutch, Ramirez_UgoIuri, Elder_Dragon, chef6216days 21h
801125  CaptVimes, GraysGhost, pokerguy, Gladiatore, dcr66, Fineturno17days
801765 wiggervoss, Cobra7817days 2h
801228  pokerguy, CaptVimes, GraysGhost, higheagle, scotireb, CaptainBlood, BlackSheep, james_hormel17days 3h
800085  james_hormel, darken, Fineturno, higheagle, deadline, markrendl, redpanda, Grosnounou17days 3h
802083 pozze17, mnich_217days 3h
801390  mjk1964, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, pokerguy, CaptVimes17days 7h
801150  deadline, Nipotrapaul, scotireb, dcr66, pokerguy, GraysGhost, james_hormel, CaptVimes17days 9h
798803 cloudybear, vonhilter, redbeard1775, Viridovix, shermanguy, Sabelkatten, TaomanTom, Lidtsentude, DavidKeres, Vimes, chef62, mark41974, Elder_Dragon, sdelcia, markrendl, wiggervoss, 02temp91, Thowl317days 11h
800078  james_hormel, deadline, Fineturno, Grosnounou, markrendl, darken, redpanda, higheagle17days 12h
801631  clarence, Doorstop, redpanda, CaptVimes, [arkon]17days 13h
800203 stanzukowski, jfmays, mudEguy, tdonaldson17days 13h
797264 Wertzz, SlotraceDK, Shiraz68, [Osgard], rg257, Mordermi, VFCBaxter, Gardensnake, [Sooap], Viridovix, [Sinop], mark41974, cybrt54, DirtyFocker1, Thowl3, [Benbo60], crazydick, [krukmal]17days 14h
801167  GraysGhost, mvrichthofen, Gladiatore17days 15h
801607  Doorstop, redpanda, GraysGhost, tomski, [arkon]17days 16h
800000  higheagle, 02temp91, deadline, Doorstop, james_hormel, markrendl, [krukmal], Gladiatore17days 16h
801374  pokerguy, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, mjk1964, higheagle17days 19h
801378  higheagle, GraysGhost, mjk1964, Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes17days 20h
801235  higheagle, paciodv1, james_hormel, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, pokerguy17days 20h
801237  GraysGhost, pokerguy, Spinal-Tap, paciodv1, higheagle, james_hormel17days 20h
801188  Gladiatore, TnT, higheagle, CaptVimes17days 22h
801377  GraysGhost, CaptVimes, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore17days 22h
801156  Nipotrapaul, CaptVimes, deadline, james_hormel, dcr66, pokerguy, scotireb, GraysGhost18days
799398 [jhrobin2], Boltneck, Seahawker, vonhilter, DarthVader, CaptVimes, faenyx14, Mordermi, DarknessEternal, Lidtsentude, chef62, Albatrotro18days 1h
801613  CaptVimes, GraysGhost, [arkon], Doorstop, redpanda18days 2h
801145  GraysGhost, scotireb, CaptVimes, dcr66, james_hormel, pokerguy, Nipotrapaul, deadline18days 3h
801148  dcr66, james_hormel, pokerguy, CaptVimes, Nipotrapaul, deadline, GraysGhost, scotireb18days 3h
800590 rshivy, cloudybear, drathul, [malovig], andrewpov, neelorath18days 10h
800349 erpiratapeloso, Wertzz, eddiem, cloudybear, shermanguy, Korba, drathul, DavidKeres, rshivy, cybrt54, chef62, Lidtsentude, [malovig], andrewpov, Albatrotro, dcr6618days 12h
801117  TnT, dcr66, CaptVimes, pokerguy, Gladiatore, Fineturno18days 17h
801112  pokerguy, dcr66, Fineturno, CaptVimes, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap18days 19h
801257  GraysGhost, pokerguy, Spinal-Tap, paciodv1, CaptVimes, higheagle18days 20h
800071  markrendl, deadline, Grosnounou, james_hormel, Fineturno, redpanda, darken, higheagle18days 21h
801107  Fineturno, Spinal-Tap, TnT, pokerguy, Gladiatore, GraysGhost18days 22h
799355 Wertzz, Satchu69, cybrt54, sdelcia, California_Kid, Mordermi, mark41974, chef62, wiggervoss, vonhilter18days 23h
801118  TnT, Gladiatore, GraysGhost, Fineturno, pokerguy, CaptVimes19days
801215  TnT, pokerguy, higheagle, brewk00119days
801644  brewk001, pokerguy19days
801086  Nipotrapaul, pokerguy, newstew, Gladiatore19days 6h
801192  GraysGhost, brewk001, pokerguy, Gladiatore19days 19h
801104  dcr66, pokerguy, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, Fineturno, Gladiatore19days 20h
801123  dcr66, Gladiatore, Fineturno, TnT, pokerguy, GraysGhost19days 20h
800595 drathul, Wertzz, Frusinak, sdelcia, nicus1970, dcr66, faenyx14, spaceghostx9, mnich_2, rshivy, golfguy1978, chef6219days 21h
801687  scotireb, pokerguy19days 21h
801244  pokerguy, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, james_hormel, GraysGhost, Gladiatore19days 22h
801677  pokerguy, jadthegrey19days 22h
801657  jadthegrey, mjk196420days 5h
801670  mjk1964, jadthegrey20days 6h
801207  pokerguy, GraysGhost, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap20days 6h
801887 mark41974, Windy20days 11h
801616  tomski, CaptVimes, docmortand, redpanda, GraysGhost20days 20h
801388  pokerguy, mjk1964, Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes, GraysGhost21days
801679  pokerguy, mjk196421days 2h
801654  jadthegrey, brewk00121days 6h
800001  deadline, higheagle, [krukmal], 02temp91, james_hormel, Doorstop, Gladiatore, markrendl21days 15h
799997  markrendl, Doorstop, higheagle, [krukmal], Gladiatore, 02temp91, deadline, james_hormel21days 15h
801206  TnT, brewk001, Spinal-Tap, higheagle21days 16h
797020 Scratch2002, rshivy, DirtyFocker1, cloudybear, spaceghostx9, [salaozy], golfguy1978, wiggervoss, sdelcia, neelorath, sistino66, Dominion, Thowl3, [Benbo60]21days 16h
801618  clarence, redpanda, CaptVimes, GraysGhost, tomski21days 18h
801617  redpanda, arkon, tomski, CaptVimes, clarence21days 18h
801793 rshivy, Cobra7821days 22h
801615  redpanda, CaptVimes, Doorstop, GraysGhost, docmortand21days 22h
801790 Cobra78, mjk196421days 23h
801769 Cobra78, mjk196421days 23h
801643  brewk001, mjk196421days 23h
801269 bthanse, mjk1964, faenyx14, chef6222days 7h
800828 Korba, andrewpov, sdelcia, ivanhawk, chef62, [malovig]22days 7h
801245  pokerguy, GraysGhost, higheagle, Gladiatore, james_hormel, Spinal-Tap22days 10h
801180  brewk001, GraysGhost, imdog22days 16h
801102  dcr66, Gladiatore, CaptVimes, pokerguy22days 17h
801142  pokerguy, dcr66, GraysGhost, Nipotrapaul, deadline, scotireb, CaptVimes, james_hormel22days 18h
801056 cybrt54, Wertzz, sdelcia, bkbb214, Seahawker, Frusinak22days 20h
801761 Cobra78, mjk196423days
801759 mjk1964, Cobra7823days
801218  CaptainBlood, james_hormel, pokerguy, scotireb, CaptVimes, higheagle, GraysGhost, BlackSheep23days
801126  Fineturno, GraysGhost, Gladiatore, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, pokerguy23days 1h
801105  Gladiatore, pokerguy, GraysGhost, dcr66, TnT, Spinal-Tap23days 5h
799994  deadline, james_hormel, [krukmal], markrendl, Doorstop, higheagle, Gladiatore, 02temp9123days 8h
801633  arkon, CaptVimes23days 9h
801402  brewk001, pokerguy, CaptVimes, higheagle, Spinal-Tap23days 14h
800009  james_hormel, 02temp91, Doorstop, higheagle, deadline, [krukmal], markrendl, Gladiatore23days 14h
801203  higheagle, Gladiatore, CaptVimes, pokerguy23days 15h
801789 Cobra78, mjk196423days 17h
801656  jadthegrey, Lone Wolf23days 18h
801771 Cobra78, mjk196423days 18h
801674  pokerguy, arkon23days 20h
801628  Doorstop, arkon, docmortand, tomski, CaptVimes23days 20h
801668  mjk1964, brewk00123days 20h
801391  CaptVimes, mjk1964, brewk001, GraysGhost, pokerguy23days 20h
801370  CaptVimes, GraysGhost, pokerguy, Gladiatore, mjk196423days 20h
801185  Gladiatore, CaptVimes, GraysGhost, pokerguy23days 21h
801254  Gladiatore, paciodv1, pokerguy, james_hormel, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost23days 21h
801077  GraysGhost, Gladiatore, newstew, pokerguy23days 21h
800081  [Grosnounou], markrendl, darken, Fineturno, redpanda, higheagle, james_hormel, deadline23days 21h
801083  Gladiatore, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost23days 22h
801671  mjk1964, Lone Wolf24days 2h
799354 California_Kid, Wertzz, mark41974, cybrt54, Ramirez_UgoIuri, Satchu69, Mordermi, wiggervoss24days 3h
801601  Doorstop, redpanda, arkon, docmortand, clarence24days 4h
800002  james_hormel, deadline, Doorstop, Gladiatore, [krukmal], 02temp91, markrendl, higheagle24days 5h
801255  CaptVimes, james_hormel, paciodv1, higheagle, Gladiatore, GraysGhost24days 6h
801398  brewk001, Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes, GraysGhost, mjk196424days 18h
801248  Spinal-Tap, higheagle, james_hormel, GraysGhost, paciodv1, CaptVimes24days 20h
801005  clarence, mvrichthofen, Nasone24days 23h
801659  jadthegrey, scotireb25days
801684  scotireb, jadthegrey25days
801019  Nasone, brewk001, mvrichthofen25days 1h
801119  Spinal-Tap, Fineturno, Gladiatore, dcr66, TnT, CaptVimes25days 1h
801655  jadthegrey, CaptVimes25days 4h
801597  clarence, Doorstop, docmortand, GraysGhost, redpanda25days 14h
801162  dcr66, mvrichthofen, pokerguy25days 15h
801387  mjk1964, GraysGhost, pokerguy, CaptVimes, higheagle25days 15h
800079  Fineturno, james_hormel, redpanda, deadline, markrendl, [Grosnounou], higheagle, darken25days 16h
801664  Lone Wolf, mjk196425days 18h
801397  Spinal-Tap, mjk1964, brewk001, GraysGhost, pokerguy25days 20h
801602  docmortand, GraysGhost, Doorstop, redpanda, tomski25days 20h
797521 mark41974, DirtyFocker1, SlotraceDK, Thowl3, [Osgard], Lidtsentude, sistino66, james_hormel, sdelcia, rshivy, chef62, VonStackel, cloudybear, DarthVader25days 21h
801685  scotireb, Lone Wolf25days 23h
801239  james_hormel, CaptVimes, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, paciodv126days
801394  Gladiatore, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes, brewk00126days 1h
801675  pokerguy, brewk00126days 2h
801641  brewk001, jadthegrey26days 2h
801152  GraysGhost, pokerguy, CaptVimes, deadline, scotireb, james_hormel, Nipotrapaul, dcr6626days 3h
800075  darken, [Grosnounou], james_hormel, redpanda, higheagle, deadline, Fineturno, markrendl26days 5h
797546 Vimes, faenyx14, sistino66, cloudybear, Benbo60, Lidtsentude, james_hormel, SlotraceDK, mark41974, DirtyFocker1, wiggervoss, chef62, VonStackel, Seahawker26days 8h
801246  paciodv1, Gladiatore, GraysGhost, CaptVimes, pokerguy, Spinal-Tap26days 12h
801798 Electro, vonhilter, BigJoeDuke, Cobra7826days 15h
800147  Spinal-Tap, docmortand, Grosnounou, markrendl, Doorstop, darken, deadline, james_hormel26days 16h
801755 Cobra78, mark4197426days 16h
801603  tomski, docmortand, redpanda, clarence, Doorstop26days 17h
800154  markrendl, docmortand, Doorstop, [Grosnounou], Spinal-Tap, deadline, darken, james_hormel26days 17h
800146  docmortand, markrendl, Spinal-Tap, darken, Doorstop, james_hormel, [Grosnounou], deadline26days 17h
801594  docmortand, redpanda, CaptVimes, Doorstop, arkon26days 18h
801878 Soyyorch, vonhilter, Albatrotro, cybrt5426days 19h
800557  gugliandalf, Sabelkatten, darken, james_hormel, Gladiatore, TXWard, Lidtsentude, dasanbrion26days 20h
801756 eddiem, Viridovix, Cobra78, cybrt5426days 21h
801165  Gladiatore, pokerguy, brewk00127days 2h
796119 rvguegn, cybrt54, wiggervoss, blan86, bkbb214, [Minhtraoho], andrewpov, Korba27days 3h
801645  brewk001, scotireb27days 5h
797874 Scratch2002, BigJoeDuke, DaceAH, [jpernas], andrewpov, mark41974, rg257, MrWoppit, sistino66, Electro, gpricesr, chef6227days 6h
801386  brewk001, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, mjk196427days 6h
801367  CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, mjk1964, brewk00127days 6h
801666  Lone Wolf, scotireb27days 9h
801682  scotireb, brewk00127days 12h
801195  Gladiatore, brewk001, TnT, GraysGhost27days 14h
801016  mvrichthofen, TnT, GraysGhost27days 14h
801149  Nipotrapaul, dcr66, deadline, GraysGhost, pokerguy, CaptVimes, scotireb, james_hormel27days 15h
801197  pokerguy, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, brewk00127days 18h
800401  mvrichthofen, brewk001, higheagle, pokerguy, GraysGhost27days 18h
800470  newstew, higheagle, mjk1964, brewk00127days 18h
800476  mvrichthofen, higheagle, newstew, scotireb27days 18h
801686  scotireb, mjk196427days 18h
801794 Cobra78, mjk196427days 18h
801154  james_hormel, scotireb, dcr66, GraysGhost, CaptVimes, Nipotrapaul, pokerguy, deadline27days 19h
801199  GraysGhost, CaptVimes, brewk001, higheagle27days 19h
801626  CaptVimes, docmortand, GraysGhost, arkon, [tomski]27days 20h
801758 Cobra78, Albatrotro27days 21h
801249  pokerguy, GraysGhost, higheagle, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes27days 23h
801680  pokerguy, scotireb27days 23h
801196  higheagle, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost28days
801770 Nipotrapaul, Cobra7828days 1h
801792 Nipotrapaul, Cobra7828days 1h
801669  mjk1964, CaptVimes28days 1h
801384  brewk001, CaptVimes, mjk1964, Spinal-Tap, pokerguy28days 3h
801646  CaptVimes, arkon28days 5h
801632  arkon, brewk00128days 6h
801609  redpanda, CaptVimes, Doorstop, [tomski], docmortand28days 6h
801116  pokerguy, dcr66, Fineturno, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, TnT28days 9h
801647  CaptVimes, brewk00128days 10h
801151  pokerguy, deadline, GraysGhost, james_hormel, scotireb, dcr66, CaptVimes, Nipotrapaul28days 14h
801773 Cobra78, bkbb21428days 20h
800903 spaceghostx9, cybrt54, eddiem, Wertzz, Ramirez_UgoIuri, sdelcia, vonhilter, [malovig]28days 21h
801661  Lone Wolf, brewk00128days 22h
801673  mjk1964, scotireb28days 23h
801146  CaptVimes, GraysGhost, Nipotrapaul, scotireb, james_hormel, dcr66, deadline, pokerguy28days 23h
801649  CaptVimes, Lone Wolf29days 2h
801786 Cobra78, bkbb21429days 4h
801753 vonhilter, Cobra7829days 4h
801635  arkon, Lone Wolf29days 7h
801366  higheagle, brewk001, GraysGhost, pokerguy, CaptVimes29days 9h
801648  CaptVimes, jadthegrey29days 14h
801662  Lone Wolf, CaptVimes29days 14h
801012  GraysGhost, TnT, mvrichthofen29days 14h
801663  Lone Wolf, jadthegrey29days 16h
801766 Cobra78, mjk196429days 17h
801760 Cobra78, eddiem29days 18h
801379  Spinal-Tap, brewk001, higheagle, pokerguy, mjk196429days 20h
801717 pozze17, vonhilter30days
801124  dcr66, pokerguy, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, TnT, Fineturno30days 1h
801754 Cobra78, mnich_230days 4h
801535 Sorensen73, Fantom, loppen, Flugt73, mortenfix, Sorensen7930days 5h
801763 bkbb214, Cobra7830days 8h
801665  Lone Wolf, pokerguy30days 9h
800148  Doorstop, Spinal-Tap, darken, deadline, [Grosnounou], markrendl, james_hormel, docmortand30days 15h
801400  Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes, higheagle, brewk001, GraysGhost30days 15h
801676  pokerguy, CaptVimes30days 15h
800084  darken, higheagle, james_hormel, markrendl, deadline, Grosnounou, Fineturno, redpanda30days 16h
801640  brewk001, CaptVimes30days 18h
801651  CaptVimes, pokerguy30days 20h
801250  CaptVimes, GraysGhost, Gladiatore, pokerguy, james_hormel, higheagle30days 21h
801637  arkon, pokerguy30days 21h
801109  GraysGhost, CaptVimes, dcr66, TnT, Fineturno, pokerguy31days
801380  GraysGhost, mjk1964, brewk001, higheagle, Spinal-Tap31days 1h
800070  deadline, james_hormel, markrendl, redpanda, Fineturno, higheagle, [Grosnounou], darken31days 2h
801111  pokerguy, TnT, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, dcr66, CaptVimes31days 14h
800626  higheagle, drathul31days 14h
801768 Cobra78, bkbb21431days 15h
801619  arkon, docmortand, redpanda, CaptVimes, GraysGhost31days 16h
801017  mvrichthofen, clarence, Doorstop31days 18h
801762 Cobra78, eddiem31days 19h
801205  TnT, Spinal-Tap, brewk001, Gladiatore31days 20h
801186  Gladiatore, GraysGhost, CaptVimes, TnT31days 22h
801634  arkon, jadthegrey31days 22h
800086 ecz67, imdog, Dutch, DarknessEternal31days 22h
800604  brewk001, drathul31days 22h
797017 Elder_Dragon, rshivy, cloudybear, neelorath, wiggervoss, sdelcia, DirtyFocker1, spaceghostx9, overmapped, sistino6631days 23h
798646 spaceghostx9, Thowl3, California_Kid, Wertzz, markrendl, jimdove, Satchu69, SlotraceDK, cloudybear, chef62, rshivy, wiggervoss, Dominion, sdelcia, james_hormel, Lidtsentude, paciodv1, TaomanTom32days
801672  mjk1964, pokerguy32days
800619  drathul, higheagle32days 3h
800423  dcr66, higheagle, mvrichthofen, brewk001, Spinal-Tap32days 8h
801401  GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore, mjk1964, brewk00132days 10h
800478  wetty11, mvrichthofen, newstew, higheagle32days 12h
801040 andrewpov, eddiem, Dutch, vonhilter, jonfel14, cloudybear, cybrt5432days 14h
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801091  newstew, Gladiatore, dcr66, Nipotrapaul33days 6h
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