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The Last Challenge, 4 players

A great air battle a few days before the end of the war: a Sopwith Snipe and a Spad XIII against a Pfalz D XII and a Siemens-Schuckert D.III


Sopwith Snipe

Pfalz D. XII

Siemens-Schuckert D.III
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780704 TaomanTom, cloudybear, erpiratapeloso, sdelcia51days 5h
771846 Jordas, SopwithGabri, Asmodeus, MessereSmith315days 11h
767523 vonhilter, rel0094, Osgard, bkbb2141year 56days
762289 bthanse, cloudybear, aces_high, MessereSmith1year 210days
760293 RedBiscuit, vonhilter, MessereSmith, Electro1year 267days
759693 GregK, vonhilter, Conan, caublbil1year 273days
758605 Farmboy, Galen, Hollander, Aredel1year 292days
751103  VonFrank, vuotodaria, pokerguy, higheagle2years 83days
751112  VonFrank, mvrichthofen, higheagle, vuotodaria2years 85days
751086  Doorstop, clarence, higheagle, pokerguy2years 86days
751094  mvrichthofen, higheagle, pokerguy, vuotodaria2years 86days
751100  higheagle, clarence, brewk001, mvrichthofen2years 90days
751093  higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy, Doorstop2years 91days
751110  brewk001, vuotodaria, clarence, higheagle2years 91days
751087  Doorstop, higheagle, clarence, vuotodaria2years 91days
751090  higheagle, Doorstop, mvrichthofen, VonFrank2years 92days
751092  clarence, vuotodaria, VonFrank, Doorstop2years 92days
751105  VonFrank, higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy2years 93days
751108  pokerguy, higheagle, Doorstop, VonFrank2years 95days
751096  Doorstop, brewk001, vuotodaria, higheagle2years 95days
751089  Doorstop, vuotodaria, mvrichthofen, clarence2years 96days
751085  clarence, VonFrank, higheagle, brewk0012years 97days
751097  mvrichthofen, clarence, VonFrank, higheagle2years 98days
751099  pokerguy, VonFrank, mvrichthofen, Doorstop2years 98days
751091  higheagle, mvrichthofen, Doorstop, brewk0012years 98days
751114  clarence, brewk001, Doorstop, mvrichthofen2years 98days
751102  VonFrank, pokerguy, vuotodaria, clarence2years 98days
751109  vuotodaria, mvrichthofen, clarence, VonFrank2years 98days
751111  brewk001, clarence, vuotodaria, pokerguy2years 99days
751107  vuotodaria, brewk001, VonFrank, mvrichthofen2years 99days
751101  pokerguy, Doorstop, vuotodaria, mvrichthofen2years 99days
751106  vuotodaria, VonFrank, brewk001, Doorstop2years 99days
751095  mvrichthofen, pokerguy, higheagle, clarence2years 99days
751113  brewk001, pokerguy, Doorstop, vuotodaria2years 100days
751104  mvrichthofen, Doorstop, clarence, pokerguy2years 101days
751088  brewk001, VonFrank, pokerguy, clarence2years 101days
751116  vuotodaria, pokerguy, mvrichthofen, brewk0012years 101days
750641 gcallari, [Cesc0101], ecz67, Giovasbwip2years 102days
751098  pokerguy, mvrichthofen, VonFrank, brewk0012years 103days
751115  clarence, Doorstop, brewk001, VonFrank2years 110days
748612 gcallari, Cesc0101, Mastropergusa, Giovasbwip2years 152days
747624 Fulsere, Giovasbwip, ecz67, Cesc01012years 186days
746646 ecz67, gcallari, Jason82, Fulsere2years 193days
744789 Fulsere, Giovasbwip, Mastropergusa, SuperPippo2years 232days
744159 Giovasbwip, Mastropergusa, Fulsere, gcallari2years 238days
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