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Aug 1917 - Runners and New Dancers

Planes in this scenario: a Sopwith Camel and a S.E.5a vs an Albatros D.Va and a Pfalz D. IIIa,

Sopwith Camel


Albatros D.Va

Pfalz D. IIIa
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782581  deadline, Blackronin, higheagle, [Mad_Bomber]38days 12h
782557  JackSparrow, higheagle, [Mad_Bomber], RoyBrown45days 18h
782558  JackSparrow, [Mad_Bomber], higheagle, Blackronin45days 18h
782556  higheagle, wetty11, [Mad_Bomber], deadline45days 18h
782566  redpanda, RoyBrown, [Mad_Bomber], higheagle48days 8h
782576  wetty11, [Mad_Bomber], deadline, RoyBrown48days 14h
782561  Mad_Bomber, JackSparrow, redpanda, wetty1173days 22h
782571  Mad_Bomber, higheagle, deadline, redpanda82days 11h
782568  redpanda, higheagle, wetty11, Mad_Bomber84days 12h
782567  JackSparrow, deadline, Blackronin, Mad_Bomber84days 21h
782562  Mad_Bomber, redpanda, JackSparrow, deadline91days 15h
782583  wetty11, redpanda, Mad_Bomber, Blackronin91days 15h
782565  redpanda, Mad_Bomber, RoyBrown, Blackronin92days 7h
782574  wetty11, Blackronin, RoyBrown, Mad_Bomber96days 19h
782579  RoyBrown, Mad_Bomber, JackSparrow, wetty1197days 22h
782564  Mad_Bomber, deadline, RoyBrown, JackSparrow98days 21h
782553  higheagle, deadline, JackSparrow, redpanda113days 11h
782582  deadline, higheagle, Blackronin, RoyBrown116days 20h
782580  Blackronin, redpanda, higheagle, wetty11118days 11h
782559  deadline, wetty11, RoyBrown, higheagle118days 23h
782573  wetty11, RoyBrown, Blackronin, higheagle119days 14h
782578  Blackronin, deadline, wetty11, redpanda121days 21h
782554  higheagle, JackSparrow, deadline, wetty11122days 7h
782577  Blackronin, wetty11, deadline, JackSparrow125days 12h
782563  higheagle, Blackronin, wetty11, JackSparrow128days 2h
782552  deadline, RoyBrown, JackSparrow, Blackronin128days 8h
782570  RoyBrown, wetty11, redpanda, JackSparrow128days 20h
782575  redpanda, JackSparrow, higheagle, RoyBrown129days 10h
782560  JackSparrow, Blackronin, redpanda, higheagle130days 11h
782572  RoyBrown, JackSparrow, Blackronin, redpanda130days 16h
782555  Blackronin, RoyBrown, redpanda, deadline133days 17h
782569  RoyBrown, redpanda, wetty11, deadline134days 12h
777252 RoyBrown, bkbb214, misterfrisko, Asmodeus252days 6h
776794 RoyBrown, cybrt54, rel0094, chef62276days 21h
776795 rel0094, Groslouis, RoyBrown, cybrt54276days 21h
776792 cybrt54, Ol Sol, RoyBrown, rel0094291days 3h
776793 RoyBrown, Ol Sol, rel0094, cybrt54291days 16h
775545 cybrt54, MessereSmith, Priapus, cloudybear316days 20h
773941 Leatherneck, MessereSmith, misterfrisko, chef62330days 12h
770234 redbeard1775, FenrirOton, wiggervoss, dcr661year 35days
770233 wiggervoss, dcr66, redbeard1775, Melchiore1year 71days
768934 scotireb, TitaniumShadow, gbslate, neelorath1year 82days
760891 woebie, Regis, MessereSmith, spaceghostx91year 322days
760711 vonhilter, newstew, RedBiscuit, shermanguy1year 343days
756614 Dutch_Schultz, gippo, Lucky_Luke, Joe D.2years 61days
756587 GregK, Lobster24, Lonehawk, nachemi2years 89days
749086 neelorath, nachemi, DarknessEternal, markrendl2years 220days
749084 nachemi, mvrichthofen, DarknessEternal, neelorath2years 230days
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