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SE5a vs Pfalz D XII

Idea by clarence. Planes in this scenario: 2 S.E.5a, 2 Pfalz D. XII.



Pfalz D. XII

Pfalz D. XII
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785852 clarence, Seahawker, vonhilter, sdelcia210days 2h
785851 clarence, Seahawker, vonhilter, sdelcia218days 9h
785854 Seahawker, sdelcia, clarence, vonhilter239days 4h
785853 Seahawker, sdelcia, clarence, vonhilter245days 15h
785269 Rosencraft, Lacrover, Alessio77, Always76286days 7h
784554 Alessio77, Always76, Rosencraft, Lacrover300days 6h
783106 mbeckwith, scotireb, vonhilter, Soterios324days 8h
782021 LordYorkPud, RoyBrown, Blackronin, catoblepa351days 21h
774949 MessereSmith, spiller63, clarence, Scratch20021year 132days
774948 spiller63, rikiroket, clarence, MessereSmith1year 147days
774950 clarence, Scratch2002, MessereSmith, spiller631year 149days
774951 clarence, MessereSmith, spiller63, rikiroket1year 168days
770889 Freeman83, MessereSmith, bkbb214, Bluestone281year 275days
767662 vonhilter, bkbb214, clarence, MessereSmith1year 342days
767904 deadline, wiggervoss, catoblepa, bkbb2141year 356days
767661 clarence, MessereSmith, vonhilter, bkbb2141year 363days
767062 sunttu, wiggervoss, bkbb214, Duckfoot2years 8days
765210 clarence, cybrt54, Lobster24, gbslate2years 18days
765211 clarence, Lobster24, cybrt54, wiggervoss2years 19days
767023 Seahawker, MessereSmith, bkbb214, California_Kid2years 27days
766031 rel0094, wiggervoss, bkbb214, Lorduru2years 41days
765208 VonTotenFlieger, Jordas, clarence, MessereSmith2years 48days
765209 MessereSmith, cybrt54, clarence, Lobster242years 56days
760727 rshivy, RedBiscuit, clarence, cybrt542years 182days
760729 clarence, RedBiscuit, cybrt54, DarknessEternal2years 185days
760730 clarence, cybrt54, RedBiscuit, vonhilter2years 189days
759187 VonTotenFlieger, Dominion, clarence, [Seahawker]2years 192days
760728 RedBiscuit, cybrt54, clarence, rshivy2years 196days
759188 diablebleu_fir, scotireb, clarence, Seahawker2years 215days
759185 clarence, Seahawker, VonTotenFlieger, arktos2years 216days
760107 mjk1964, cybrt54, Keithandor, Lobster242years 217days
760397 Schlen, rob123, Sam123456, Neutrino1232years 221days
759186 clarence, Seahawker, VonTotenFlieger, arktos2years 223days
759199 GregK, vonhilter, otto_06, Lonehawk2years 241days
757453 clarence, caublbil, VonTotenFlieger, vonhilter2years 265days
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