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Planes in this scenario: 2 S.E.5a, 1 Fokker D. VII, 1 Pfalz D. XII.

Fokker D. VII



Pfalz D. XII
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790922 sdelcia, cybrt54, Friederstorm, Albatrotro5days 7h
788320 VonBose, Mero1979mille, cybrt54, erpiratapeloso66days 17h
783197 Seahawker, erpiratapeloso, VonFrank, giannicaramba92days 13h
787337 doloso, Friederstorm, Wittman, dasanbrion96days 9h
785584 pozze17, wiggervoss, vonhilter, sdelcia110days 17h
785348 cybrt54, sdelcia, Wittman, Lonehawk140days 20h
784118 blan86, Seahawker, Blackronin, kevswrd166days 13h
783237 spaceghostx9, Seahawker, Wittman, kevswrd193days 18h
778439 [SgaBello], VonBose, [Barolf], golfguy1978278days 18h
776382 spaceghostx9, mjk1964, Wittman, bthanse361days 14h
773456 blan86, MessereSmith, catoblepa, RoyBrown1year 85days
767593 catoblepa, MessereSmith, blan86, bkbb2141year 245days
767381 krumal, catoblepa, blan86, RoyBrown1year 251days
766669 MessereSmith, spaceghostx9, blan86, RoyBrown1year 265days
766362 blan86, Pensfan, MessereSmith, cybrt541year 278days
765277 cloudybear, cybrt54, [galadang], spaceghostx91year 279days
765604 bthanse, catoblepa, krumal, MessereSmith1year 304days
760811 Typhoon, Dodo1, Mordermi, cybrt542years 64days
760017 Frusinak, OttoVB, RedBiscuit, Smurfacus2years 97days
759643 blan86, golfguy1978, MessereSmith, OttoVB2years 101days
759197 blan86, golfguy1978, Redge, mjk19642years 104days
758545 MessereSmith, Regis, Michidisperso, marcus-arilus2years 133days
758011 spaceghostx9, Aumbob, blan86, DarknessEternal2years 138days
756397 GregK, mortaioda50, vonhilter, Regis2years 182days
751367 Lonehawk, knrodgers, Flavio, Peternautico2years 269days
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