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Intercepting 1

Planes in this scenario: Sopwith Camel, Bristol F.2B, Fokker Dr. I, Pfalz D. IIIa,

Sopwith Camel

Bristol F.2B

Fokker Dr. I

Pfalz D. IIIa
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792818 keelhaul23, rsimcox, shermanguy, cybrt547days
790565 diplomacydave, Waffen, Albatrotro, cybrt5479days 12h
783845 CiscoCischetti, montyoz, scotireb, Blackronin249days 6h
782656 cloudybear, catoblepa, mommsen, spaceghostx9267days 12h
779319 pavepilot, cybrt54, chef62, shermanguy362days 5h
776255 keelhaul23, rsimcox, Asmodeus, Cuelebre1year 76days
774957 woebie, Luft_Stefano, catoblepa, galadang1year 114days
774385 Legueux, RedCastle, PFrank1990, jyeff1year 130days
773552 scotireb, cloudybear, Varrogep, Bluestone281year 136days
773460 MessereSmith, Asmodeus, 1214Souljah, chef621year 137days
771359 keelhaul23, rsimcox, MessereSmith, DirtyFocker11year 202days
767912 Halberstadt, bkbb214, toniu, MessereSmith1year 297days
767188 keelhaul23, rsimcox, Lidtsentude, kevswrd1year 304days
760108 Aredel, Galen, Farmboy, Hollander2years 114days
760109 Farmboy, Galen, Hollander, Aredel2years 147days
758052 GregK, Garryowen, Mordermi, MessereSmith2years 212days
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