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Planes in this scenario: Fokker Dr. I, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Camel, Pfalz D. IIIa,

Sopwith Camel

Pfalz D. IIIa

Sopwith Camel

Fokker Dr. I
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780172 Nipotrapaul, galadang, [Mlhovous], cybrt54171days 16h
778300 cybrt54, nikosan, misterfrisko, chef62238days 11h
777827 VonBose, Asmodeus, Barolf, chef62250days 12h
777762 Mattias Jabs, oldgamer, VonBose, Barolf262days 20h
775089 Vimes, [John_Clark], misterfrisko, chef62287days 8h
775657 99thmike, Electro, misterfrisko, Dodo1306days 5h
773944 kevswrd, 1214Souljah, Boltneck, MessereSmith345days 9h
773265 MessereSmith, Asmodeus, misterfrisko, Dodo1362days 12h
772415 MessereSmith, Cuelebre, misterfrisko, CarloF1year 17days
770276 pavepilot, rumpler, Rahab, chef621year 43days
767642 Galen, Hollander, Farmboy, Aredel1year 119days
767641 Farmboy, Galen, Aredel, Hollander1year 149days
765664  Sabelkatten, Gladiatore, neelorath, aces_high1year 182days
765657  Sabelkatten, [Capt-Tuttle], Gladiatore, Ricthof1year 184days
765654  Sabelkatten, aces_high, Ricthof, docmortand1year 189days
765639  Doorstop, docmortand, Gladiatore, aces_high1year 193days
765637  docmortand, Gladiatore, Sabelkatten, Capt-Tuttle1year 193days
765648  Doorstop, aces_high, Capt-Tuttle, Gladiatore1year 194days
765647  neelorath, Gladiatore, Ricthof, docmortand1year 195days
765641  Doorstop, neelorath, aces_high, docmortand1year 196days
765644  docmortand, Sabelkatten, aces_high, Doorstop1year 197days
765642  Gladiatore, neelorath, Doorstop, Sabelkatten1year 199days
765659  aces_high, Sabelkatten, Capt-Tuttle, neelorath1year 199days
765653  Ricthof, aces_high, Doorstop, neelorath1year 199days
765662  Capt-Tuttle, docmortand, aces_high, Gladiatore1year 200days
765643  Gladiatore, Doorstop, neelorath, Capt-Tuttle1year 201days
765661  aces_high, docmortand, neelorath, Sabelkatten1year 201days
765649  neelorath, Sabelkatten, docmortand, Gladiatore1year 201days
765652  Gladiatore, Capt-Tuttle, docmortand, neelorath1year 201days
765638  Doorstop, Gladiatore, docmortand, Ricthof1year 203days
765635  docmortand, Capt-Tuttle, Doorstop, Sabelkatten1year 203days
765650  Ricthof, Sabelkatten, neelorath, Capt-Tuttle1year 203days
765646  neelorath, Ricthof, Gladiatore, aces_high1year 203days
765658  aces_high, Capt-Tuttle, Sabelkatten, Doorstop1year 205days
765651  Ricthof, neelorath, Sabelkatten, Doorstop1year 205days
765633  Capt-Tuttle, Doorstop, Ricthof, aces_high1year 206days
765660  Ricthof, Doorstop, Gladiatore, Sabelkatten1year 206days
765636  aces_high, neelorath, Ricthof, Capt-Tuttle1year 208days
765656  neelorath, docmortand, Doorstop, Ricthof1year 208days
765663  Capt-Tuttle, aces_high, docmortand, Ricthof1year 210days
765640  Capt-Tuttle, Ricthof, Sabelkatten, docmortand1year 211days
765645  Gladiatore, Ricthof, Capt-Tuttle, Doorstop1year 211days
765655  Sabelkatten, Ricthof, aces_high, Gladiatore1year 211days
765634  docmortand, Doorstop, Capt-Tuttle, neelorath1year 212days
764980 spaceghostx9, MrSmith, Jordas, chef621year 230days
764264 lighthoof2, Jordas, Pensfan, MessereSmith1year 256days
762802 MessereSmith, Wolfen, Exaltofulgor, Cuelebre1year 279days
756564 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel2years 54days
756563 Farmboy, Galen, Aredel, Hollander2years 62days
757441 bthanse, nachemi, GregK, chef622years 68days
754247 Lucky_Luke, Joe D., gippo, Dutch_Schultz2years 98days
752474  dariovarese, Sgancio, Doorstop, Pumba712years 139days
752464  Pumba71, Sgancio, Gabriel Guerin, pokerguy2years 145days
752467  pokerguy, Doorstop, Gabriel Guerin, Pumba712years 145days
752479  Sgancio, pokerguy, Pumba71, dariovarese2years 146days
752454  newstew, Gabriel Guerin, pokerguy, dariovarese2years 149days
752463  newstew, dariovarese, Doorstop, pokerguy2years 150days
752477  Doorstop, Gabriel Guerin, dariovarese, pokerguy2years 150days
752456  newstew, Pumba71, dariovarese, Gabriel Guerin2years 151days
752462  Pumba71, pokerguy, Replicante, Gabriel Guerin2years 151days
752457  pokerguy, Pumba71, newstew, Sgancio2years 151days
752451  dariovarese, Pumba71, Replicante, Doorstop2years 151days
752473  dariovarese, Doorstop, Sgancio, newstew2years 152days
752455  Doorstop, Replicante, Sgancio, Gabriel Guerin2years 152days
752450  Gabriel Guerin, Doorstop, newstew, Sgancio2years 153days
752470  Sgancio, Replicante, dariovarese, pokerguy2years 153days
752475  Replicante, newstew, pokerguy, Sgancio2years 153days
752472  Sgancio, Doorstop, pokerguy, Replicante2years 153days
752458  pokerguy, newstew, Pumba71, Doorstop2years 153days
752452  Gabriel Guerin, pokerguy, Sgancio, Doorstop2years 155days
752478  Doorstop, dariovarese, Gabriel Guerin, Replicante2years 155days
752459  Gabriel Guerin, Sgancio, dariovarese, newstew2years 156days
752471  Pumba71, Gabriel Guerin, newstew, Replicante2years 156days
752468  Replicante, dariovarese, newstew, Pumba712years 157days
752448  Doorstop, newstew, Replicante, dariovarese2years 158days
752466  Replicante, Pumba71, Sgancio, newstew2years 159days
752460  pokerguy, Replicante, Doorstop, newstew2years 160days
752469  Sgancio, dariovarese, Replicante, Gabriel Guerin2years 160days
752461  Pumba71, Replicante, pokerguy, dariovarese2years 163days
752453  newstew, pokerguy, Gabriel Guerin, Replicante2years 163days
752465  Replicante, Sgancio, Pumba71, Doorstop2years 165days
752449  Gabriel Guerin, newstew, Doorstop, Pumba712years 166days
752476  dariovarese, Gabriel Guerin, Pumba71, Sgancio2years 167days
747612 Farmboy, Aredel, Hollander, Galen2years 231days
747613 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel2years 234days
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