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Aug. 1917 - SPAD vs. Albatros

Planes in this scenario: 2 Spad XIII, 2 Albatros D.Va.



Albatros D.Va

Albatros D.Va
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800516 vonhilter, cybrt54, pozze17, chef6241days 18h
799727 dwg, bkbb214, Wittman, vonhilter62days 2h
797643 vonhilter, mnich_2, Albatrotro, mjk1964142days 8h
797286 mark41974, bluescreen9999, cybrt54, DarknessEternal160days 3h
797197 jadthegrey, Thowl3, cybrt54, vonhilter161days 6h
795599 Josemirc, luisalgh, rmcoy, rickyricardo206days 19h
793889 Dodo1, vonhilter, Albatrotro, westbam257days 19h
787921 tabermike, VonBose, cybrt54, kevswrd1year 47days
783030 LordYorkPud, Lonehawk, wiggervoss, bkbb2141year 108days
782839 ghostrider, Soterios, vonhilter, scotireb1year 176days
782259 blan86, Nipotrapaul, spaceghostx9, catoblepa1year 191days
780821 ReneFonk27, sdelcia, chef62, cloudybear1year 224days
780516 ReneFonk27, sdelcia, cybrt54, JackSparrow1year 236days
779913 ReneFonk27, [SpunkyNuts], dcr66, sdelcia1year 239days
779647 ReneFonk27, Nipotrapaul, Gladiatore, mjk19641year 242days
778447 RoyBrown, Barolf, BartowWing, chef621year 299days
777580 Asmodeus, cybrt54, Wittman, Dodo11year 317days
777016 catoblepa, Luft_Stefano, Vildarin, cybrt541year 322days
774555 cloudybear, [John_Clark], neelorath, cybrt542years 9days
774962 Tranber, PFrank1990, jyeff, Legueux2years 32days
773457 catoblepa, MessereSmith, Varrogep, RoyBrown2years 60days
772785 pavepilot, Asmodeus, CarloF, cloudybear2years 71days
772625 Wertzz, Ajusul, galadang, RoyBrown2years 73days
770886 Freeman83, bkbb214, LechonDeOro, mjk19642years 112days
770888 MessereSmith, Bluestone28, Freeman83, bkbb2142years 124days
769174 jammed, MessereSmith, RoyBrown, vonhilter2years 155days
765739 Farmboy, Hollander, Galen, Aredel2years 202days
767509 Lufbery, Osgard, scotireb, Mordermi2years 213days
765737 Galen, Aredel, Farmboy, Hollander2years 252days
765738 Farmboy, Hollander, Galen, Aredel2years 259days
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