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Fantomas a Verdun, release 1.3

Original concept by Zazufy. See: http://www.youplay.it/play/forum_showmessage.asp?msgid=5138 Planes in this scenario: 3 Albatros D.III, 1 Bristol F.2B.

Bristol F.2B

Albatros D.III

Albatros D.III

Albatros D.III
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784555 Blackronin, kanitxus, sdelcia, bkbb21466days 2h
762119 waffenss, Lonehawk, Smurfacus, calducho761year 277days
762778 waffenss, MessereSmith, Ajusul, Lonehawk1year 294days
761880 waffenss, chef62, DirtyFocker1, Olaf the Viking1year 318days
761713 waffenss, Lonehawk, MessereSmith, JackSparrow1year 328days
761334 waffenss, OttoVB, bthanse, cybrt541year 341days
760563 Mordermi, RedBiscuit, krumal, MessereSmith1year 352days
759641 madmurdoch, TargetDrone, vidiot, faceman12years 26days
759045 Aumbob, tasdevil, MessereSmith, wiggervoss2years 33days
758562 Mordermi, magpie, MessereSmith, Hollander2years 42days
757901 Mordermi, Aumbob, chef62, MessereSmith2years 61days
757444 mjk1964, GregK, chef62, Doogal1212years 73days
755984 Mordermi, corbell, Waffen, marcus-arilus2years 107days
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