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High noon (D.XII revenge) - mixed version

I wanted to fly a Pfalz D. XII without being "the fool of the village", so I made a few scenarios about it...
Planes in this scenario: 1 Nieuport 28, 1 Spad XIII, 2 Pfalz D. XII.


Pfalz D. XII

Pfalz D. XII

Nieuport 28
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793373 neelorath, cybrt54, rshivy, DarthVader54days 13h
791179 faenyx14, Lidtsentude, cybrt54, vonhilter118days 1h
787755 doloso, pavepilot, VonBose, vonhilter195days 11h
781007 RoyBrown, cybrt54, erpiratapeloso, LordYorkPud355days 10h
770195 mjk1964, bkbb214, Cuelebre, MessereSmith1year 282days
768295 deadline, Leatherneck, Osgard, vonhilter1year 330days
767522 vonhilter, bkbb214, Osgard, rel00941year 352days
761918 RedBiscuit, Dodo1, Ajusul, MessereSmith2years 159days
758049 GregK, spaceghostx9, Frusinak, golfguy19782years 250days
758600 CptnBuckSavage, magpie, teramaze, Michidisperso2years 258days
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