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Concept by: Bruno Stachel.
Planes in this scenario: 1 Albatros D.III, 1 Albatros D.Va, 1 S.E.5a and 1 Sopwith Camel.

Sopwith Camel


Albatros D.Va

Albatros D.III
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789710  mjk1964, wetty11, Viridovix, mvrichthofen5days 4h
789724  wetty11, Viridovix, duke68, mvrichthofen8days 22h
789711  scotireb, duke68, TnT, mvrichthofen8days 22h
789731  duke68, TnT, mvrichthofen, wetty119days
789722  Spinal-Tap, mvrichthofen, mjk1964, TnT9days 1h
789708  scotireb, mvrichthofen, Spinal-Tap, Viridovix9days 1h
789733  mjk1964, mvrichthofen, duke68, Viridovix9days 4h
789726  TnT, scotireb, mvrichthofen, Viridovix9days 17h
789709  scotireb, Spinal-Tap, mvrichthofen, duke6810days 17h
789707  mvrichthofen, wetty11, Spinal-Tap, mjk196410days 17h
789705  mvrichthofen, scotireb, mjk1964, wetty1111days 18h
789717  TnT, Viridovix, Spinal-Tap, mvrichthofen15days 4h
789723  Viridovix, scotireb, duke68, TnT16days 2h
789719  TnT, mvrichthofen, wetty11, Spinal-Tap18days 22h
789720  Viridovix, TnT, wetty11, mjk196420days 17h
789703  mjk1964, Viridovix, scotireb, duke6820days 17h
789729  duke68, mjk1964, wetty11, TnT21days 2h
789728  duke68, wetty11, mjk1964, scotireb23days 1h
789714  mvrichthofen, duke68, wetty11, scotireb25days 5h
789704  mvrichthofen, mjk1964, scotireb, TnT25days 19h
789730  Viridovix, Spinal-Tap, scotireb, wetty1126days 15h
789715  Spinal-Tap, mjk1964, Viridovix, scotireb26days 23h
789721  Viridovix, wetty11, TnT, scotireb27days
789716  TnT, Spinal-Tap, Viridovix, duke6827days
789732  mjk1964, duke68, mvrichthofen, Spinal-Tap27days 23h
789725  wetty11, duke68, Viridovix, Spinal-Tap28days 6h
789727  wetty11, Spinal-Tap, mjk1964, Viridovix28days 22h
789706  duke68, Viridovix, TnT, mjk196429days 18h
789713  Spinal-Tap, TnT, scotireb, mjk196429days 18h
789718  scotireb, mjk1964, duke68, Spinal-Tap33days 9h
789712  Spinal-Tap, scotireb, TnT, wetty1133days 19h
789734  wetty11, TnT, Spinal-Tap, duke6838days 14h
778310 VonBose, Barolf, rshivy, cybrt54330days 15h
772259 [taurusdeth], MessereSmith, Asmodeus, Osgard1year 106days
765787  Pensfan, nachemi, Lidtsentude, scotireb1year 282days
765773  paciodv1, nachemi, Pensfan, wetty111year 283days
765780  Pensfan, Lidtsentude, wetty11, paciodv11year 285days
765772  nachemi, CraigMeister, Pensfan, Lidtsentude1year 285days
765481 Ricthof, CaptVimes, Jordas, RoyBrown1year 287days
765789  CraigMeister, wetty11, Farmboy, nachemi1year 288days
765764  Farmboy, scotireb, nachemi, CraigMeister1year 291days
765774  paciodv1, Pensfan, nachemi, Farmboy1year 291days
765770  nachemi, paciodv1, Lidtsentude, CraigMeister1year 291days
765781  scotireb, Pensfan, wetty11, Farmboy1year 293days
765769  nachemi, Lidtsentude, paciodv1, scotireb1year 294days
765778  Pensfan, scotireb, paciodv1, Lidtsentude1year 295days
765775  Lidtsentude, CraigMeister, wetty11, nachemi1year 295days
765795  wetty11, Pensfan, paciodv1, CraigMeister1year 295days
765790  CraigMeister, Farmboy, wetty11, Pensfan1year 295days
765777  Pensfan, paciodv1, scotireb, CraigMeister1year 295days
765771  Farmboy, wetty11, scotireb, Lidtsentude1year 296days
765768  Lidtsentude, wetty11, paciodv1, Farmboy1year 296days
765767  CraigMeister, scotireb, Pensfan, Farmboy1year 296days
765794  Farmboy, Lidtsentude, CraigMeister, scotireb1year 296days
765792  CraigMeister, Pensfan, Lidtsentude, wetty111year 296days
765776  paciodv1, Farmboy, scotireb, nachemi1year 296days
765766  Lidtsentude, nachemi, Farmboy, wetty111year 297days
765765  Lidtsentude, Farmboy, nachemi, Pensfan1year 297days
765788  wetty11, paciodv1, Farmboy, scotireb1year 297days
765782  scotireb, wetty11, Pensfan, nachemi1year 298days
765791  scotireb, paciodv1, nachemi, wetty111year 298days
765783  paciodv1, Lidtsentude, Farmboy, Pensfan1year 298days
765785  wetty11, scotireb, CraigMeister, Lidtsentude1year 298days
765779  nachemi, Farmboy, CraigMeister, paciodv11year 299days
765784  scotireb, nachemi, CraigMeister, Pensfan1year 300days
765793  Farmboy, CraigMeister, Lidtsentude, paciodv11year 300days
765786  wetty11, CraigMeister, scotireb, paciodv11year 304days
759949 vonhilter, slade46262265, GregK, Panzerpod2years 100days
754746  [Cayetano666], brewk001, higheagle, OttoVB2years 160days
754747  [Cayetano666], higheagle, brewk001, sidatleu2years 161days
754760  higheagle, brewk001, archdukecharles, mvrichthofen2years 179days
754750  higheagle, [Cayetano666], mvrichthofen, Peternautico2years 184days
754755  mvrichthofen, OttoVB, higheagle, brewk0012years 184days
754770  archdukecharles, sidatleu, brewk001, higheagle2years 187days
754753  higheagle, archdukecharles, OttoVB, [Cayetano666]2years 187days
754764  mvrichthofen, [Cayetano666], brewk001, OttoVB2years 187days
754759  OttoVB, Peternautico, mvrichthofen, [Cayetano666]2years 190days
754774  brewk001, archdukecharles, [Cayetano666], mvrichthofen2years 190days
754749  [Cayetano666], sidatleu, mvrichthofen, brewk0012years 191days
754756  [Cayetano666], archdukecharles, sidatleu, higheagle2years 191days
754751  higheagle, mvrichthofen, [Cayetano666], archdukecharles2years 195days
754766  sidatleu, Peternautico, archdukecharles, [Cayetano666]2years 196days
754754  mvrichthofen, higheagle, OttoVB, sidatleu2years 197days
754773  archdukecharles, OttoVB, [Cayetano666], sidatleu2years 198days
754761  OttoVB, [Cayetano666], sidatleu, mvrichthofen2years 199days
754768  OttoVB, higheagle, [Cayetano666], Peternautico2years 199days
754772  Peternautico, mvrichthofen, higheagle, sidatleu2years 200days
754752  brewk001, sidatleu, Peternautico, [Cayetano666]2years 201days
754775  brewk001, [Cayetano666], archdukecharles, Peternautico2years 203days
754757  mvrichthofen, brewk001, Peternautico, higheagle2years 204days
754745  brewk001, Peternautico, higheagle, archdukecharles2years 206days
754758  OttoVB, mvrichthofen, Peternautico, archdukecharles2years 209days
754771  archdukecharles, brewk001, sidatleu, OttoVB2years 211days
754769  sidatleu, mvrichthofen, brewk001, Peternautico2years 213days
754776  sidatleu, OttoVB, mvrichthofen, archdukecharles2years 214days
754767  sidatleu, archdukecharles, Peternautico, mvrichthofen2years 217days
754763  Peternautico, sidatleu, OttoVB, higheagle2years 220days
754748  archdukecharles, Peternautico, OttoVB, brewk0012years 222days
754765  Peternautico, higheagle, archdukecharles, OttoVB2years 222days
754762  Peternautico, OttoVB, sidatleu, brewk0012years 226days
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