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Late war, double trouble.

I think that the "Late war" Siemens-vs-Snipe one-on-one scenario is one of the best, so I thougth: why not?
Planes in this scenario: TWO Sopwith Snipe and TWO Siemens-Schuckert D.III/IV.
If you want blood...

Sopwith Snipe

Sopwith Snipe

Siemens-Schuckert D.IV

Siemens-Schuckert D.III
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801190  GraysGhost, higheagle, Gladiatore, brewk00119h 51'
801213  CaptVimes, brewk001, Gladiatore, higheagle2days 20h
801191  CaptVimes, TnT, Spinal-Tap, Gladiatore9days 2h
801200  pokerguy, Gladiatore, TnT, higheagle12days 5h
801198  pokerguy, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, Gladiatore12days 11h
801188  Gladiatore, TnT, higheagle, CaptVimes14days 18h
801215  TnT, pokerguy, higheagle, brewk00115days 20h
801086  Nipotrapaul, pokerguy, newstew, Gladiatore16days 2h
801192  GraysGhost, brewk001, pokerguy, Gladiatore16days 14h
801207  pokerguy, GraysGhost, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap17days 2h
801206  TnT, brewk001, Spinal-Tap, higheagle18days 11h
801102  dcr66, Gladiatore, CaptVimes, pokerguy19days 13h
801203  higheagle, Gladiatore, CaptVimes, pokerguy20days 11h
801185  Gladiatore, CaptVimes, GraysGhost, pokerguy20days 17h
801077  GraysGhost, Gladiatore, newstew, pokerguy20days 17h
801083  Gladiatore, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost20days 18h
801798 Electro, vonhilter, BigJoeDuke, Cobra7823days 11h
801195  Gladiatore, brewk001, TnT, GraysGhost24days 10h
801197  pokerguy, higheagle, Spinal-Tap, brewk00124days 13h
801199  GraysGhost, CaptVimes, brewk001, higheagle24days 15h
801196  higheagle, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost24days 20h
801205  TnT, Spinal-Tap, brewk001, Gladiatore28days 16h
801186  Gladiatore, GraysGhost, CaptVimes, TnT28days 17h
801096  Spinal-Tap, newstew, dcr66, pokerguy29days 16h
801202  Spinal-Tap, TnT, pokerguy, GraysGhost29days 21h
801189  GraysGhost, Gladiatore, higheagle, Spinal-Tap30days 2h
801091  newstew, Gladiatore, dcr66, Nipotrapaul30days 2h
801079  dcr66, Spinal-Tap, pokerguy, Gladiatore30days 17h
801193  higheagle, GraysGhost, pokerguy, TnT30days 19h
801208  TnT, higheagle, CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap30days 19h
801210  brewk001, CaptVimes, TnT, pokerguy30days 21h
801092  pokerguy, GraysGhost, CaptVimes, Nipotrapaul31days 5h
801085  Nipotrapaul, newstew, pokerguy, CaptVimes31days 5h
801090  pokerguy, Spinal-Tap, Nipotrapaul, GraysGhost31days 8h
801084  newstew, dcr66, pokerguy, GraysGhost31days 11h
801073  Gladiatore, dcr66, GraysGhost, Nipotrapaul31days 11h
801194  higheagle, pokerguy, GraysGhost, CaptVimes32days 5h
801211  Spinal-Tap, higheagle, GraysGhost, TnT32days 14h
801212  brewk001, pokerguy, Gladiatore, TnT32days 17h
801201  Spinal-Tap, pokerguy, TnT, CaptVimes34days 10h
801204  Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, brewk001, pokerguy34days 14h
801093  Spinal-Tap, pokerguy, CaptVimes, Gladiatore34days 23h
801101  dcr66, CaptVimes, Gladiatore, newstew35days 2h
801076  Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, newstew, dcr6635days 2h
801099  pokerguy, newstew, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap35days 17h
801081  newstew, GraysGhost, Nipotrapaul, Spinal-Tap35days 17h
801209  brewk001, TnT, CaptVimes, GraysGhost35days 17h
801074  Gladiatore, GraysGhost, dcr66, Spinal-Tap36days 2h
801214  CaptVimes, Gladiatore, brewk001, Spinal-Tap36days 12h
801088  Nipotrapaul, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap, newstew36days 16h
801078  GraysGhost, newstew, Gladiatore, CaptVimes36days 17h
801072  dcr66, pokerguy, GraysGhost, CaptVimes38days 2h
801187  brewk001, Spinal-Tap, pokerguy, CaptVimes38days 10h
801094  Spinal-Tap, CaptVimes, pokerguy, newstew38days 18h
801089  pokerguy, Nipotrapaul, Spinal-Tap, dcr6638days 18h
801098  CaptVimes, dcr66, Spinal-Tap, Nipotrapaul38days 19h
801184  CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, brewk00139days 2h
801097  CaptVimes, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, GraysGhost39days 13h
801082  newstew, Nipotrapaul, GraysGhost, dcr6639days 14h
801087  GraysGhost, dcr66, CaptVimes, newstew40days 8h
801075  CaptVimes, pokerguy, Nipotrapaul, dcr6641days 18h
801095  Nipotrapaul, GraysGhost, Gladiatore, pokerguy41days 21h
801080  GraysGhost, CaptVimes, Nipotrapaul, Gladiatore41days 22h
801100  CaptVimes, Nipotrapaul, Gladiatore, Spinal-Tap42days 2h
801103  Spinal-Tap, Nipotrapaul, newstew, CaptVimes44days 19h
795668 DarthVader, [catoblepa], pokerguy, jpernas227days 2h
787940 mjk1964, pavepilot, Wittman, VonBose1year 74days
787782 rshivy, Mero1979mille, VonBose, chef621year 76days
784391 CesareBorgia, galadang, Blackronin, JackSparrow1year 176days
780679  redpanda, paciodv1, newstew, Doorstop1year 236days
780663  mvrichthofen, ERTYWERT, Doorstop, newstew1year 236days
780673  Doorstop, redpanda, ERTYWERT, mvrichthofen1year 238days
780669  redpanda, pokerguy, Doorstop, Jasmyne1year 238days
780670  redpanda, Doorstop, pokerguy, newstew1year 238days
780661  paciodv1, newstew, pokerguy, Doorstop1year 243days
780648  ERTYWERT, pokerguy, mvrichthofen, Doorstop1year 243days
780674  Doorstop, ERTYWERT, redpanda, paciodv11year 245days
780651  Doorstop, pokerguy, paciodv1, ERTYWERT1year 245days
780668  pokerguy, mvrichthofen, Doorstop, paciodv11year 246days
780650  Jasmyne, mvrichthofen, ERTYWERT, redpanda1year 247days
780665  pokerguy, paciodv1, redpanda, ERTYWERT1year 247days
780675  pokerguy, newstew, mvrichthofen, redpanda1year 249days
780659  Jasmyne, Doorstop, redpanda, mvrichthofen1year 250days
780652  Jasmyne, redpanda, newstew, ERTYWERT1year 251days
780660  newstew, ERTYWERT, pokerguy, mvrichthofen1year 253days
780655  ERTYWERT, redpanda, pokerguy, Jasmyne1year 253days
780667  newstew, Jasmyne, ERTYWERT, paciodv11year 254days
780657  newstew, mvrichthofen, paciodv1, redpanda1year 254days
780676  Doorstop, paciodv1, Jasmyne, redpanda1year 255days
780662  paciodv1, pokerguy, newstew, Jasmyne1year 256days
780678  ERTYWERT, Jasmyne, Doorstop, pokerguy1year 257days
780664  paciodv1, Jasmyne, redpanda, newstew1year 257days
780658  newstew, paciodv1, mvrichthofen, ERTYWERT1year 257days
780677  ERTYWERT, Doorstop, Jasmyne, newstew1year 258days
780656  mvrichthofen, Doorstop, paciodv1, Jasmyne1year 258days
780649  Jasmyne, ERTYWERT, mvrichthofen, paciodv11year 258days
780666  pokerguy, redpanda, paciodv1, mvrichthofen1year 259days
780654  mvrichthofen, newstew, Jasmyne, Doorstop1year 261days
780671  paciodv1, mvrichthofen, Jasmyne, pokerguy1year 261days
780653  mvrichthofen, Jasmyne, newstew, pokerguy1year 262days
780672  redpanda, newstew, ERTYWERT, pokerguy1year 266days
778263 cybrt54, VonBose, SgaBello, rshivy1year 345days
774141  docmortand, dcr66, higheagle, pokerguy2years 50days
774150  paciodv1, pokerguy, higheagle, dcr662years 53days
774144  docmortand, arktos, paciodv1, dcr662years 56days
774155  higheagle, dcr66, brewk001, paciodv12years 58days
774149  paciodv1, higheagle, pokerguy, arktos2years 58days
774145  higheagle, docmortand, paciodv1, TXWard2years 60days
774163  pokerguy, higheagle, docmortand, TXWard2years 60days
774146  higheagle, paciodv1, docmortand, brewk0012years 62days
774142  docmortand, higheagle, dcr66, arktos2years 63days
774160  TXWard, higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy2years 64days
774156  pokerguy, docmortand, arktos, paciodv12years 65days
774140  dcr66, TXWard, higheagle, brewk0012years 66days
774151  docmortand, brewk001, arktos, higheagle2years 68days
774158  TXWard, arktos, pokerguy, higheagle2years 69days
774138  dcr66, docmortand, brewk001, TXWard2years 69days
774154  pokerguy, TXWard, paciodv1, docmortand2years 69days
774137  dcr66, brewk001, docmortand, paciodv12years 69days
774148  higheagle, brewk001, pokerguy, docmortand2years 69days
774147  dcr66, arktos, TXWard, docmortand2years 70days
774165  brewk001, arktos, dcr66, higheagle2years 70days
774139  arktos, pokerguy, paciodv1, brewk0012years 71days
774157  TXWard, pokerguy, arktos, dcr662years 71days
774153  pokerguy, paciodv1, TXWard, brewk0012years 71days
774143  brewk001, TXWard, pokerguy, dcr662years 71days
774161  arktos, TXWard, brewk001, docmortand2years 71days
774166  brewk001, dcr66, arktos, pokerguy2years 72days
774164  arktos, paciodv1, dcr66, TXWard2years 74days
774136  brewk001, pokerguy, docmortand, arktos2years 74days
774162  arktos, brewk001, TXWard, paciodv12years 75days
774167  TXWard, paciodv1, higheagle, arktos2years 76days
774152  paciodv1, dcr66, TXWard, higheagle2years 77days
774159  paciodv1, docmortand, dcr66, pokerguy2years 78days
771101 MessereSmith, bkbb214, Cuelebre, S7EVEN2years 153days
769707 MessereSmith, Dodo1, Cattivonci, Dominion2years 170days
770297 ratpfink, MessereSmith, chef62, S7EVEN2years 173days
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