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Richtofen brothers - 4 players

The original idea, by Zif, was to restage Richtofen death, with a Dr.1 (him) and two Camel (Brown and May).
I thought the Dr.1 would not stand a chance, so started thinking of some help for Richtofen.
Why not his brother? ^__^
So here is the cast:
May on a Sopwith Camel,
Brown on the other Sopwith Camel (the one with the red V on wings),
The Baron himself on his famous Fokker Dr. I "le petit rouge",
and his little brother Lothar on his red and yellow Albatros D.Va!

Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel

Fokker Dr. I

Albatros D.Va
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795442 rolive1, Spankh0us3, [BaronVonJ], Azzarc77days 9h
794045 Josemirc, luisalgh, rmcoy, rickyricardo272days 9h
790493  higheagle, Gattolardo, Doorstop, Nasone308days 10h
790498  clarence, higheagle, Doorstop, newstew321days 20h
790475  Gattolardo, Doorstop, GraysGhost, Nasone323days 17h
791479 Myszka, BigJoeDuke, Grosnounou, newstew338days 13h
790484  higheagle, Nasone, GraysGhost, Doorstop341days 10h
790490  Nasone, Gattolardo, clarence, higheagle341days 19h
790489  GraysGhost, Doorstop, dcr66, higheagle346days 14h
790474  Doorstop, newstew, GraysGhost, dcr66347days 8h
790485  Gattolardo, dcr66, clarence, GraysGhost351days 8h
790488  Nasone, newstew, higheagle, Gattolardo352days 7h
790511  Gattolardo, ElCaiman, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap352days 17h
790486  higheagle, Doorstop, newstew, GraysGhost352days 22h
790501  newstew, higheagle, GraysGhost, clarence352days 22h
790512  Gattolardo, GraysGhost, ElCaiman, dcr66353days 15h
790471  Doorstop, dcr66, Gattolardo, higheagle353days 16h
790472  Doorstop, Gattolardo, dcr66, newstew355days 11h
790518  GraysGhost, deadline, Spinal-Tap, Gattolardo356days 5h
790480  GraysGhost, higheagle, Gattolardo, dcr66356days 14h
790497  Nasone, GraysGhost, Gattolardo, newstew357days 10h
790476  Gattolardo, GraysGhost, Doorstop, clarence357days 19h
790492  newstew, clarence, Nasone, GraysGhost358days 18h
790487  Nasone, higheagle, newstew, dcr66359days 4h
790522  IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, clarence, GraysGhost361days 21h
790481  Doorstop, clarence, newstew, Gattolardo361days 22h
790515  GraysGhost, Gattolardo, IvanGrozny, clarence362days 6h
790491  newstew, Nasone, clarence, Doorstop363days 6h
790524  Spinal-Tap, clarence, IvanGrozny, Gattolardo363days 8h
790499  dcr66, clarence, Doorstop, GraysGhost363days 12h
790483  higheagle, GraysGhost, Nasone, clarence1year
790470  dcr66, Nasone, Gattolardo, clarence1year
790478  Gattolardo, clarence, higheagle, Doorstop1year 1day
790521  Gattolardo, deadline, dcr66, GraysGhost1year 1day
790516  GraysGhost, IvanGrozny, Gattolardo, deadline1year 2days
790525  GraysGhost, ElCaiman, deadline, IvanGrozny1year 2days
790479  GraysGhost, Gattolardo, higheagle, newstew1year 2days
790520  IvanGrozny, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, ElCaiman1year 3days
790496  clarence, dcr66, newstew, higheagle1year 3days
790473  clarence, Nasone, higheagle, dcr661year 3days
790508  ElCaiman, Gattolardo, deadline, clarence1year 4days
790482  GraysGhost, dcr66, Nasone, Gattolardo1year 6days
790533  Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost, Gattolardo, clarence1year 6days
790510  ElCaiman, clarence, GraysGhost, deadline1year 6days
790477  dcr66, newstew, Nasone, Doorstop1year 8days
790527  clarence, Spinal-Tap, dcr66, ElCaiman1year 9days
790523  Spinal-Tap, IvanGrozny, clarence, deadline1year 9days
790526  Spinal-Tap, Gattolardo, dcr66, IvanGrozny1year 9days
790494  newstew, GraysGhost, dcr66, Nasone1year 9days
790531  dcr66, clarence, deadline, Gattolardo1year 9days
790495  clarence, newstew, dcr66, Gattolardo1year 9days
790514  Gattolardo, dcr66, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman1year 9days
790517  ElCaiman, dcr66, clarence, Gattolardo1year 10days
790500  dcr66, Doorstop, clarence, Nasone1year 10days
790503  deadline, dcr66, ElCaiman, GraysGhost1year 10days
790529  IvanGrozny, Gattolardo, ElCaiman, Spinal-Tap1year 10days
790504  deadline, ElCaiman, dcr66, Spinal-Tap1year 10days
790509  dcr66, Spinal-Tap, IvanGrozny, deadline1year 10days
790502  dcr66, IvanGrozny, ElCaiman, clarence1year 11days
790528  clarence, dcr66, Spinal-Tap, GraysGhost1year 11days
790505  clarence, IvanGrozny, GraysGhost, dcr661year 12days
790532  dcr66, deadline, clarence, IvanGrozny1year 14days
790507  ElCaiman, deadline, Gattolardo, IvanGrozny1year 14days
790530  clarence, GraysGhost, deadline, Spinal-Tap1year 15days
790506  deadline, Spinal-Tap, Gattolardo, dcr661year 15days
790513  deadline, clarence, Spinal-Tap, ElCaiman1year 16days
790519  IvanGrozny, GraysGhost, Spinal-Tap, dcr661year 17days
785696 bkbb214, shermanguy, wiggervoss, DarknessEternal1year 133days
777618 wiggervoss, rshivy, Ricthof, MessereSmith1year 345days
776147  S7EVEN, mjk1964, CaptVimes, scotireb2years
776134  Rammstein, S7EVEN, mjk1964, _tak_tak_tak_2years
776146  wetty11, Zapalniczka, scotireb, Rammstein2years 3days
776143  Rammstein, CaptVimes, _tak_tak_tak_, S7EVEN2years 3days
776148  wetty11, Rammstein, _tak_tak_tak_, scotireb2years 3days
776155  wetty11, S7EVEN, Rammstein, Zapalniczka2years 4days
776132  mjk1964, Zapalniczka, S7EVEN, CaptVimes2years 7days
776140  S7EVEN, CaptVimes, wetty11, Rammstein2years 7days
776130  mjk1964, Rammstein, CaptVimes, Zapalniczka2years 7days
776133  Rammstein, mjk1964, S7EVEN, wetty112years 9days
776138  S7EVEN, scotireb, Rammstein, CaptVimes2years 10days
776149  Zapalniczka, wetty11, _tak_tak_tak_, mjk19642years 10days
776139  mjk1964, _tak_tak_tak_, Zapalniczka, Rammstein2years 11days
776128  CaptVimes, wetty11, Rammstein, _tak_tak_tak_2years 11days
776129  mjk1964, CaptVimes, Rammstein, scotireb2years 11days
776158  CaptVimes, mjk1964, _tak_tak_tak_, wetty112years 12days
776135  CaptVimes, Zapalniczka, wetty11, mjk19642years 14days
776152  Zapalniczka, S7EVEN, CaptVimes, wetty112years 14days
776159  Zapalniczka, scotireb, S7EVEN, _tak_tak_tak_2years 14days
774801 MessereSmith, [John_Clark], [KarlArnold], cybrt542years 14days
776136  Rammstein, _tak_tak_tak_, scotireb, mjk19642years 15days
776145  wetty11, scotireb, Zapalniczka, CaptVimes2years 15days
776137  S7EVEN, Rammstein, scotireb, Zapalniczka2years 15days
776142  scotireb, wetty11, S7EVEN, mjk19642years 18days
776151  scotireb, Rammstein, mjk1964, wetty112years 20days
776141  scotireb, S7EVEN, wetty11, _tak_tak_tak_2years 21days
776150  Zapalniczka, _tak_tak_tak_, wetty11, S7EVEN2years 21days
776144  scotireb, mjk1964, Zapalniczka, S7EVEN2years 22days
776156  _tak_tak_tak_, scotireb, mjk1964, Zapalniczka2years 22days
776153  _tak_tak_tak_, Zapalniczka, CaptVimes, Rammstein2years 22days
776131  _tak_tak_tak_, wetty11, scotireb, CaptVimes2years 23days
776154  _tak_tak_tak_, CaptVimes, Zapalniczka, scotireb2years 28days
776157  CaptVimes, _tak_tak_tak_, mjk1964, S7EVEN2years 28days
767516 Ajusul, bkbb214, catoblepa, chef622years 235days
767134 Ol Sol, bkbb214, Embis, chef622years 246days
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