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Aug 17 - Runner Vs. Dancer - 4 players

Zif wrote in the Forum: is impossible to play a Spad XIII against a Fokker DrI (it should be viceversa)
This is a statement that needs verification! So here you are...
Planes in this scenario: 2 Spad XIII Vs. 2 Fokker Dr. I.



Fokker Dr. I

Fokker Dr. I
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781543 ReneFonk27, Nipotrapaul, sdelcia, kevswrd57days 13h
777892 RoyBrown, vonhilter, VonBose, Barolf172days 10h
776658 rvguegn, TCArknight, mjk1964, MessereSmith199days 16h
776384 mjk1964, giovannisignore, spaceghostx9, TXWard206days 4h
773879 bthanse, catoblepa, DirtyFocker1, TwoTi260days 8h
772582 vonhilter, Crixus, misterfrisko, chef62296days 9h
771059 stanzukowski, jfmays, mudEguy, tdonaldson337days 9h
770957 jfmays, tdonaldson, mudEguy, stanzukowski339days 13h
770959 mudEguy, stanzukowski, jfmays, tdonaldson340days 4h
770958 stanzukowski, tdonaldson, mudEguy, jfmays340days 11h
769647 catoblepa, wiggervoss, spaceghostx9, bkbb214359days 9h
766317 albertross, Leatherneck, spaceghostx9, DirtyFocker11year 96days
764547 Olaf the Viking, Pensfan, [dariovarese], rshivy1year 125days
764978 blan86, JustGary, spaceghostx9, chef621year 140days
764546 dariovarese, rshivy, Olaf the Viking, Jordas1year 149days
761470 HopSing, JackSparrow, mjk1964, scotireb1year 234days
761471 mjk1964, scotireb, HopSing, chef621year 238days
759043 tasdevil, wiggervoss, MessereSmith, RogerDodger1year 288days
756497 GregK, newstew, Mordermi, wiggervoss1year 355days
754610 wiggervoss, golfguy1978, AndyG, chef622years 1day
754612 AndyG, mjk1964, chef62, wiggervoss2years 30days
754047 Lonehawk, RoyBrown, TopoGun, chef622years 57days
753796 blan86, Lonehawk, MessereSmith, spaceghostx92years 68days
751982 TaomanTom, halberad, chef62, spaceghostx92years 73days
749910 spaceghostx9, paciodv1, KarlArnold, chef622years 122days
743061 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel2years 221days
743068 VonTotenFlieger, Navarca, Myszka, Jason822years 250days
743067 Myszka, BlackSheep, Jason82, VonTotenFlieger2years 256days
738918 frogg, Wertzz, rsimcox, keelhaul232years 315days
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