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Apr 18 - Stachel First Dogfight - 4 players

Idea by craig6671.
Inspired by the movie "The Blue Max". Returning from a ballon-busting mission, Fabian and Stachel are pounced upon by British fighters.
Planes in this scenario: 2 S.E.5a Vs. a Fokker D. VII (Fabian) and a Pfalz D. IIIa (Stachel).



Pfalz D. IIIa

Fokker D. VII
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791230 vonhilter, cybrt54, neelorath, chef626h 40'
791111 Albatrotro, scotireb, blan86, cybrt5416h 42'
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790772 cybrt54, vonhilter, blan86, mjk196416days 18h
790538 faenyx14, scorpiorocks, Gattolardo, DarknessEternal20days 9h
790637 Electro, Gardensnake, blan86, cybrt5422days 10h
788641  duke68, brewk001, newstew, darken26days
789979 Alcam, vonhilter, blan86, Albatrotro29days 13h
788658  brewk001, wheelnut, clarence, duke6832days 10h
788664  wheelnut, newstew, gugliandalf, brewk00135days 20h
788654  wheelnut, TnT, brewk001, darken40days 16h
788643  gugliandalf, newstew, duke68, clarence41days 2h
788662  clarence, brewk001, darken, gugliandalf41days 12h
788639  duke68, gugliandalf, darken, brewk00142days 2h
788637  darken, wheelnut, gugliandalf, clarence43days 1h
788642  gugliandalf, duke68, newstew, wheelnut43days 14h
788640  clarence, wheelnut, TnT, darken43days 16h
788663  clarence, darken, brewk001, TnT43days 17h
788653  TnT, duke68, brewk001, newstew44days 13h
788655  wheelnut, brewk001, TnT, gugliandalf45days
788635  darken, duke68, clarence, wheelnut46days 2h
788633  clarence, TnT, duke68, brewk00147days 9h
788644  darken, brewk001, wheelnut, duke6847days 15h
788661  brewk001, newstew, darken, wheelnut47days 15h
788659  brewk001, clarence, wheelnut, newstew48days 2h
788647  newstew, TnT, gugliandalf, darken48days 2h
788660  TnT, gugliandalf, duke68, wheelnut49days 11h
788652  gugliandalf, darken, clarence, newstew49days 14h
788648  duke68, clarence, brewk001, gugliandalf49days 20h
788649  newstew, darken, wheelnut, gugliandalf51days 1h
789033 cybrt54, newstew, blan86, derFritz51days 13h
788657  wheelnut, gugliandalf, clarence, TnT51days 13h
788636  brewk001, TnT, newstew, clarence51days 15h
788634  darken, clarence, duke68, newstew51days 15h
788638  duke68, darken, gugliandalf, TnT53days 1h
788651  TnT, wheelnut, newstew, duke6853days 23h
788656  newstew, duke68, darken, TnT54days 17h
788646  newstew, gugliandalf, TnT, brewk00161days 19h
788645  gugliandalf, clarence, TnT, duke6862days 23h
788844 VonBose, Mero1979mille, blan86, pavepilot63days 17h
787127  docmortand, Doorstop, clarence, wheelnut65days 7h
788650  TnT, newstew, wheelnut, clarence70days 23h
787253 [giannicaramba], [mbeckwith], blan86, cybrt5471days 19h
787130  Doorstop, docmortand, mvrichthofen, TnT74days 20h
787126  docmortand, clarence, Doorstop, newstew76days 4h
787135  mvrichthofen, newstew, Doorstop, clarence76days 19h
787129  docmortand, wheelnut, mvrichthofen, clarence76days 23h
787597 VonBose, wiggervoss, pavepilot, doloso78days 9h
787125  clarence, TnT, Doorstop, brewk00178days 11h
787132  clarence, wheelnut, TnT, docmortand80days 15h
788210 VonBose, cybrt54, pavepilot, Wittman80days 17h
787141  newstew, docmortand, wheelnut, mvrichthofen81days 5h
787134  mvrichthofen, Doorstop, newstew, wheelnut82days 9h
787140  Doorstop, clarence, brewk001, mvrichthofen83days 4h
787145  TnT, Doorstop, brewk001, newstew83days 18h
787155  clarence, docmortand, brewk001, TnT84days 9h
787147  wheelnut, brewk001, TnT, mvrichthofen84days 11h
787143  TnT, wheelnut, newstew, Doorstop84days 11h
787138  newstew, mvrichthofen, TnT, brewk00184days 14h
787150  brewk001, wheelnut, clarence, Doorstop84days 18h
787596 VonBose, doloso, pavepilot, 94th OVI84days 19h
787666 doloso, cybrt54, VonBose, chef6285days 15h
787153  brewk001, newstew, docmortand, wheelnut86days 10h
787131  Doorstop, mvrichthofen, docmortand, brewk00186days 15h
787137  mvrichthofen, clarence, TnT, Doorstop87days 11h
787156  wheelnut, newstew, mvrichthofen, brewk00187days 11h
787144  mvrichthofen, docmortand, clarence, newstew87days 11h
787148  newstew, Doorstop, docmortand, TnT87days 15h
787128  brewk001, TnT, newstew, clarence89days 14h
787139  newstew, TnT, mvrichthofen, docmortand89days 14h
787154  clarence, brewk001, docmortand, mvrichthofen90days 9h
787149  wheelnut, mvrichthofen, clarence, TnT90days 11h
787146  wheelnut, TnT, brewk001, docmortand93days 16h
787142  TnT, newstew, wheelnut, clarence94days 8h
787152  TnT, mvrichthofen, Doorstop, wheelnut94days 8h
787136  docmortand, brewk001, wheelnut, Doorstop94days 10h
787045 newstew, cybrt54, blan86, sdelcia94days 18h
787133  Doorstop, brewk001, newstew, docmortand97days 12h
787151  brewk001, clarence, wheelnut, newstew98days 20h
786378 cybrt54, doloso, blan86, sdelcia109days 20h
786647 bigbros, cybrt54, vonhilter, Dodo1111days 19h
785693 newstew, bkbb214, wiggervoss, pavepilot127days 14h
785869 Dodo1, Lonehawk, blan86, pavepilot136days 8h
783679 bthanse, golfguy1978, chef62, Blackronin159days 8h
784679 timeglich, Blackronin, bkbb214, Dodo1163days 16h
784375 MajorTom, arktos, giannicaramba, erpiratapeloso163days 21h
783858 sdelcia, MajorTom, 99thmike, Dominion171days 5h
783090 derFritz, sdelcia, pavepilot, Blackronin182days 16h
784114 Fonck, Bluestone28, Blackronin, rshivy185days 23h
783738 sdelcia, jhrobin2, blan86, derFritz190days 18h
783089 ghostrider, cloudybear, derFritz, sdelcia200days 19h
783088 Dodo1, Blackronin, derFritz, sdelcia206days 9h
783025 bkbb214, LordYorkPud, wiggervoss, cybrt54207days 22h
782931 Blackronin, scotireb, derFritz, pavepilot214days 2h
782833 vonhilter, Soterios, Wittman, pavepilot220days
782930 Blackronin, scotireb, derFritz, pavepilot221days 15h
782182 vonhilter, scotireb, GW844, bkbb214227days 17h
780449 ReneFonk27, [Scratch2002], blan86, cybrt54251days 16h
780001 vonhilter, scotireb, blan86, pavepilot289days 17h
779640 Nipotrapaul, ERTYWERT, blan86, vonhilter303days 19h
778778 Ol Sol, catoblepa, BartowWing, cybrt54313days 1h
778726 ReneFonk27, rel0094, BartowWing, shermanguy313days 8h
778885 markrendl, galadang, BartowWing, chef62324days 22h
777548 Mordermi, Dominion, RoyBrown, mjk1964333days 9h
778308 rshivy, Barolf, VonBose, cybrt54336days 22h
777279 Drek71, Gladiatore, rshivy, pavepilot355days 17h
776391 Dodo1, misterfrisko, MessereSmith, oldgamer1year 23days
776191 Gladiatore, pavepilot, blan86, Dodo11year 23days
775112 mjk1964, catoblepa, blan86, [John_Clark]1year 46days
772931 bthanse, magpie, chef62, mjk19641year 59days
774108 Luft_Stefano, catoblepa, Clostermann, John_Clark1year 74days
773405 Leatherneck, cybrt54, 1214Souljah, rumpler1year 85days
773749 Varrogep, Mordermi, 1214Souljah, scotireb1year 92days
773404 Zeewulf, scotireb, galadang, rumpler1year 94days
772932 MessereSmith, Cuelebre, misterfrisko, DarknessEternal1year 101days
772238 wiggervoss, Osgard, [taurusdeth], MessereSmith1year 103days
771354 jfmays, mudEguy, stanzukowski, tdonaldson1year 111days
771606 cloudybear, Viridovix, Lobster24, bkbb2141year 133days
771604 Lobster24, cloudybear, MessereSmith, bkbb2141year 133days
771607 cloudybear, bkbb214, Lobster24, MessereSmith1year 137days
771355 stanzukowski, tdonaldson, jfmays, mudEguy1year 139days
771697 spaceghostx9, scotireb, blan86, Cuelebre1year 139days
770658 kevswrd, wiggervoss, Caratacus, cybrt541year 142days
771605 Lobster24, cloudybear, bkbb214, Viridovix1year 143days
771356 mudEguy, tdonaldson, jfmays, stanzukowski1year 149days
771171 Dodo1, bkbb214, [blan86], Osgard1year 150days
771060 stanzukowski, jfmays, mudEguy, tdonaldson1year 153days
770193 Seahawker, Gladiatore, blan86, mjk19641year 159days
770472 monkey10405, Sooap, MessereSmith, rel00941year 162days
768956 jhrobin2, Seahawker, adoldog, kevswrd1year 167days
769835 Gladiatore, Dodo1, Pumba71, MessereSmith1year 179days
769944 MessereSmith, Dodo1, blan86, scotireb1year 188days
769185 MessereSmith, paciodv1, blan86, cmbpainter1year 194days
768631 cloudybear, wiggervoss, adoldog, cybrt541year 203days
768517 rshivy, vonhilter, blan86, rel00941year 207days
768573 Breach, Frusinak, VonStackel, cmbpainter1year 212days
768010 toniu, Potatokk, Bender, Imracar1year 227days
768036 bkbb214, vonhilter, blan86, RoyBrown1year 229days
768409 Viridovix, mjk1964, blan86, Dodo11year 232days
767730 cybrt54, SlotraceDK, blan86, RoyBrown1year 242days
767291 scotireb, bkbb214, California_Kid, Dodo11year 264days
766693 albertross, CaptVimes, California_Kid, rshivy1year 271days
766568 MessereSmith, Ol Sol, California_Kid, Satchu691year 278days
765092  newstew, scotireb, Nasone, Gladiatore1year 278days
765082  Gladiatore, sidatleu, Nasone, CraigMeister1year 278days
765094  newstew, Gladiatore, sidatleu, Nasone1year 281days
765093  mjk1964, CraigMeister, brewk001, Nasone1year 283days
766082 aces_high, erpiratapeloso, Xambro7, bkbb2141year 288days
765084  mjk1964, Nasone, Gladiatore, brewk0011year 289days
765087  Nasone, mjk1964, newstew, sidatleu1year 289days
765102  sidatleu, Nasone, CraigMeister, scotireb1year 289days
765665 neelorath, aces_high, MessereSmith, catoblepa1year 293days
765109  sidatleu, newstew, Nasone, brewk0011year 298days
765083  mjk1964, Gladiatore, Nasone, scotireb1year 299days
765105  scotireb, Nasone, mjk1964, sidatleu1year 299days
765100  sidatleu, brewk001, scotireb, Nasone1year 299days
765107  CraigMeister, brewk001, Gladiatore, Nasone1year 299days
765098  scotireb, mjk1964, brewk001, newstew1year 300days
765096  scotireb, sidatleu, newstew, mjk19641year 302days
765086  mjk1964, brewk001, newstew, Gladiatore1year 303days
765461 MessereSmith, [vonhilter], Ricthof, Jordas1year 304days
765106  brewk001, newstew, Gladiatore, sidatleu1year 304days
765089  Gladiatore, brewk001, sidatleu, mjk19641year 305days
765103  brewk001, sidatleu, CraigMeister, mjk19641year 305days
765740 alanfarmer, aces_high, blan86, cybrt541year 305days
765101  newstew, mjk1964, Gladiatore, scotireb1year 305days
765080  Gladiatore, mjk1964, CraigMeister, sidatleu1year 305days
765097  Nasone, Gladiatore, CraigMeister, newstew1year 309days
765108  CraigMeister, Gladiatore, brewk001, scotireb1year 311days
765088  Nasone, newstew, mjk1964, CraigMeister1year 312days
765079  Gladiatore, CraigMeister, mjk1964, [newstew]1year 313days
765608 catoblepa, frogg, blan86, Ricthof1year 314days
765081  brewk001, scotireb, [newstew], CraigMeister1year 315days
765104  brewk001, CraigMeister, sidatleu, [newstew]1year 315days
764830 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel1year 315days
765090  Nasone, CraigMeister, scotireb, mjk19641year 317days
765099  sidatleu, scotireb, brewk001, Gladiatore1year 319days
765078  CraigMeister, scotireb, mjk1964, brewk0011year 321days
765095  scotireb, newstew, sidatleu, CraigMeister1year 322days
764829 Hollander, Galen, Farmboy, Aredel1year 324days
765091  newstew, Nasone, scotireb, brewk0011year 324days
765085  CraigMeister, sidatleu, scotireb, Gladiatore1year 324days
764994 jhrobin2, arktos, MessereSmith, cybrt541year 325days
764831 Farmboy, Galen, Aredel, Hollander1year 325days
764832 Farmboy, Hollander, Aredel, Galen1year 330days
764140 MachineMk3, lighthoof2, blan86, ComplexLifeform1year 347days
764034 lighthoof2, cybrt54, Cuelebre, Jordas1year 355days
762933  bluehawaii, aces_high, brewk001, higheagle2years 2days
762806 Cuelebre, tomaslema, blan86, [Exaltofulgor]2years 2days
762919  docmortand, bluehawaii, aces_high, higheagle2years 3days
762928  Spinal-Tap, higheagle, bluehawaii, scotireb2years 3days
762913  higheagle, docmortand, mjk1964, Spinal-Tap2years 3days
762914  higheagle, mjk1964, docmortand, bluehawaii2years 3days
763454 Lone Wolf, Gladiatore, MessereSmith, DarknessEternal2years 3days
762917  mjk1964, higheagle, scotireb, aces_high2years 4days
762910  docmortand, higheagle, brewk001, aces_high2years 5days
762935  Spinal-Tap, mjk1964, higheagle, aces_high2years 5days
762923  higheagle, brewk001, bluehawaii, mjk19642years 5days
762909  docmortand, brewk001, higheagle, scotireb2years 6days
762920  mjk1964, brewk001, Spinal-Tap, higheagle2years 7days
762924  scotireb, docmortand, aces_high, mjk19642years 7days
762926  Spinal-Tap, aces_high, scotireb, higheagle2years 7days
762912  docmortand, aces_high, mjk1964, brewk0012years 9days
762927  mjk1964, docmortand, brewk001, scotireb2years 10days
762906  brewk001, docmortand, bluehawaii, Spinal-Tap2years 11days
762915  brewk001, aces_high, Spinal-Tap, docmortand2years 13days
762934  bluehawaii, brewk001, aces_high, scotireb2years 14days
762929  aces_high, Spinal-Tap, bluehawaii, docmortand2years 14days
762905  brewk001, bluehawaii, docmortand, mjk19642years 15days
762931  scotireb, higheagle, docmortand, Spinal-Tap2years 15days
762916  higheagle, bluehawaii, scotireb, docmortand2years 15days
762932  aces_high, mjk1964, brewk001, Spinal-Tap2years 16days
762904  bluehawaii, scotireb, docmortand, aces_high2years 16days
762907  aces_high, scotireb, mjk1964, bluehawaii2years 17days
762918  mjk1964, scotireb, higheagle, brewk0012years 18days
762922  scotireb, Spinal-Tap, mjk1964, docmortand2years 18days
762921  scotireb, mjk1964, Spinal-Tap, bluehawaii2years 18days
762911  bluehawaii, Spinal-Tap, scotireb, brewk0012years 21days
762930  aces_high, bluehawaii, Spinal-Tap, mjk19642years 22days
762925  Spinal-Tap, scotireb, aces_high, brewk0012years 23days
762908  brewk001, Spinal-Tap, higheagle, bluehawaii2years 23days
761843 spaceghostx9, Regis, blan86, aces_high2years 52days
761687 Countykgamer, Khaleesi, scotireb, dcr662years 65days
760621 Lonehawk, markrendl, blan86, RedBiscuit2years 79days
759924 Ajusul, Mordermi, RoyBrown, OttoVB2years 97days
758013 tasdevil, Mordermi, huscarl127, [Aumbob]2years 103days
759246 Lonehawk, MessereSmith, brown, RoyBrown2years 122days
759130 vonhilter, marcus-arilus, LtRodneySwann, MessereSmith2years 123days
758714 spaceghostx9, Michidisperso, blan86, Smurfacus2years 136days
758401 madmurdoch, faceman1, blan86, vidiot2years 143days
757722 spaceghostx9, Mordermi, blan86, RoyBrown2years 158days
757949 scotireb, TargetDrone, tasdevil, chef622years 158days
755733 vonhilter, MessereSmith, California_Kid, PilGrim2years 191days
756398 GregK, mortaioda50, vonhilter, Regis2years 193days
755686 mjk1964, spaceghostx9, blan86, RoyBrown2years 213days
755270 blan86, markrendl, spaceghostx9, FBaracca822years 218days
753900 Lonehawk, RoyBrown, councelor, MessereSmith2years 248days
753224 TopoGun, Dodo1, BigJack, Replicante2years 252days
753338 MessereSmith, TopoGun, blan86, Replicante2years 255days
751869 Lonehawk, Aumbob, RaDiSH, Replicante2years 261days
750303 Blackronin, nachemi, viking62, Jason822years 261days
750640 gcallari, SuperPippo, [Cesc0101], Giovasbwip2years 286days
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