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Advanced (area delimited plane placement) Blue Max Game 771697, Turn 28 - Ended game
The Map
Situations, Special messages & Tail.
Planes status

Combat Value Table
Range in Hexes
Base Value
Short burst
Medium burst
Long burst
Stability A
Stability B
Stability C
Target stalled
Attacker's speed 3 or 4
Attacker's has a single gun
Firing with deflection
Fired at target last turn
Tailing Target
Game informations
This is an Advanced Blue Max game with area delimited plane placement. This means that special damages are used, you can obtain the tail from other planes and you can not see the status of the other planes.
The area delimited plane placement let you choose the position and heading of his plane in a limit area of the map. You can read the complete rules here.
You are playing the Apr 18 - Stachel First Dogfight - 4 players scenario, on a 10x10 hex board, and there are 4 players in this game.
This game was created by blan86 2years 48days ago.
The game ended 2years 41days ago, and Cuelebre was the game winner
Blue Max game 771697 ranking
 Pos.  Pts Shot
 User Plane

Current turn: 28 - last 8 turns events
27. scotireb damaged by fire.
27. blan86 Retired honorably
26. scotireb damaged by fire.
25. scotireb's plane smoke turned into fire.
24. Cuelebre Retired honorably
23. blan86 fired at scotireb, distance 3 with no deflection. 5 points. Damage B (Base:3,Tail:+1,Long:+1,Dice:+2).
23. scotireb's plane is smoking.
23. scotireb fired at blan86, distance 3 with no deflection. 4 points. Damage B (Base:3,Stb:+1,Dice:+4).
22. blan86 fired at scotireb, distance 3 with deflection. 0 points. No relevant damages. (Base:3,Defl:-3).
21. scotireb fired at Cuelebre, distance 2 with deflection. 3 points. Damage B (Base:4,Stb:+1,Defl:-2,Dice:+3).

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