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This site is dedicated to online gaming. Here you can play online with other users at many famous board games. Just register and the fun immediately starts.

Once registered, you can start a new online game or subscribe to pending online games, if any. When a session reach the correct number of subscribers, the online game starts.
You'll be informed about this via mail and you'll also receive a mail notification every time it is your turn to move. You are free to make your move immediately or wait up to a week to do your move, but please don't let too much time pass... the other players are waiting you.

Play Gonzaga Play Blue Max Play Cartagena Play Viva il Re! King Me! Play Wooden Ships and Iron Men Play VampiRing

March 10th 2019: Hardware Updates

More memory and CPU added!

We were down for about an hour today as I added another CPU and a lot more memory to the host machine. This allowed me to allocate more cores and memory to the YouPlayIt virtual server.

Just about everything is working now. But please be sure to let me know about any issues. Post in the forum or email gamemaster@youplay.it. I'll look at them as soon as I can.


Have Fun!

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Games you can play
VampiRing: Give yourself up the dark world of vampires and try an exciting adventure of monstrous metamorphosis and bloody fights! This original game, created and designed specially for our website, allows 2/4 players to lead a family of three thirsty vampires. They'll move round among ancestral castles, obscure forests, gloomy caves, ruined towers and fearful graveyards hunting for each others. Who will be able to presage enemies' transfigurations? Who will succeed in anticipate their moves? Who will ambush the opponent vampires to suck them the last drop of blood?

Go to the illustrated rules and learn the easy but subtle laws that govern the world of VampiRing. There are two versions of the game to assure different strategy levels: in the "Castle" way players can ensure their vampires into their own Homes; in the "Mansion" one vampires are safe only in the shade of the great Cross... Take heart and try this quaking venture!

Nieuport 17

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Blue Max: Each player pilots a WWI airplane in a dogfight. Each plane has a maneuver sheet showing which ones it is allowed to do; some maneuvers are "restricted" in the sense that they can't be repeated from one turn to the next (the plane would stall).

You get to shoot ahead. Damage is rolled on a table that determines severity in terms of blue and red hits; you then draw the indicated number of coloured chits. Hits are taken to the wings, tail, engine, etc.
Fuel eventually runs out and the pilots fly off to meet another day (if they survived).

This is a lot of fun with a lot of different scenarios and massive numbers of players. Fly to the game rules, and full throttle here to play it!.

Cartagena: This game tries to reproduce a famous 1672 jailbreak of about 30 pirates from the supposedly impregnable fortress of Cartagena. It is said that not long after this astounding escape, a game celebrating it became popular in the pirate coves of the Caribbean; and that a faster, more chance oriented version was played in Jamaica, while a slower, more skill-oriented one was played on Tortuga Island.

Which is why in this game, too, we offer two ways of playing: a "Jamaica way" in which chance plays more of a role and a "Tortuga way" based mainly on skill. As explained in the rules, the difference between the two versions is only in the layout and handling of the cards.

What are you waiting for? Free your six pirates! Try this thrilling experience!

King Me!: The enlightened monarch Vladimiro Miritiro, tired of reigning, has decided to choose his successor among his subjects. The players are helping him in this decision, by advising their favourites and trying to crown one of them as the new King.

Help your favourites characters climb to the highest levels of the castle, and to try to crown one of them as the new king. As usual, everything is explained in the rules.
Try King Me! now.
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